Top Reasons to Hire a PPC Management Expert

Top Reasons To Hire A PPC Management Expert In this current era of digital marketing, SEO and PPC marketing are fighting a tough war. Both are beneficial for businesses to boost their online presence and customer acquisition. The only question is, which one is better, the accuracy of the answer to this question can be hard to confirm….... Continue Reading

E-commerce Blog v/s WordPress Blog

“Every post you publish is the reflection of your belief or opinion on the world, and customers will choose to recognize with you – or not – based on that belief” Who has the time to analyse the blog? Probably handful of people. I feel the same way as you….... Continue Reading

Quoting, Sourcing and Linking: A word for all bloggers

I remember working on this not too long ago. It’s perplexing when you take a look around the digital industry and I see a lot of writers constantly nitpicking through their writings. Remember the better days of formal academic research? When everything we wrote in our thesis was always checked….... Continue Reading

Turn of the year! Marketing with a blog and design

Marketing campaigns; we can’t live without them and they make our lives from turning into monotonous pieces. I am looking at the turn of the year for a good purpose though because with every new turn we give ourselves room and opportunities to grow. Even with development of functioning websites,….... Continue Reading

Social Media can help your Ecommerce Store’s SEO

From MySpace to Facebook, the growth of social media had been rapid in the last two decades. This is likely the reason why SEO or search engine optimization has now included social media presence in its requirements for websites to gain high search engine rankings. If you are a business….... Continue Reading