Turn of the year! Marketing with a blog and design

Marketing campaigns; we can’t live without them and they make our lives from turning into monotonous pieces. I am looking at the turn of the year for a good purpose though because with every new turn we give ourselves room and opportunities to grow. Even with development of functioning websites, the marketing can easily be optimized. Interestingly, there are a lot of things I want to be trying as this year comes to a further close and as I come into the rather festive looking 2015, the half of the new decade gone, there might be a few changes I might be looking to bring into my working practices.

Blog More, a lot more
This is one practice being supported with good reason. Having a good service base is good, it is fantastic but the business element of digital marketing is changing all the time. Google introduces its own editions, the community expands its own niches and the businesses cater to them in a variety of ways. 2014 gave a great boost to bloggers who kept up their relentless practice of writing and writing regularly. Do you know why blogging gets rewarded?

  • It is simply very user friendly
  • So it allows your visitors to view your business in a more relatable manner
  • Important; The user queries nowadays get answered through blogs
  • Businesses, the ones that compete with you build relations with you through this. Guest Blogging is one example of such.
  • It shows your own expertise of the profession
  • Great way to add marketing capabilities to your business

Blogging is more than just a writing habit as far as I am concerned, and I look to make it a lot more regular for myself as the new year kicks on because the interconnectivity online is far too immense to ignore. You have far too many kinds of audiences waiting to be reached out and they’re bored. They are bored of reading about the similar sounding services and painstakingly similar sounding web run marketing campaigns. These people want fresh, they want to read not about what you do, they want to read more about you. They want to read what you know and they want to read what do you think about the important things within their circles of attention. So yes, it hardly matters the kind of business you are running or the SEO strategy you employ: if you are not blogging, then you are missing out.

Design Wiser
There has always been a steady evolution in the manner digital design has evolved over the years. 2014 saw two prominent things come forward in terms of digital design: Apple’s Storm and indie designers bringing bold ideas. Of the two the former took the internet totally by storm as every business and person was talking, implementing and blogging about how superb minimalist design looked.

Of course a lot of the credit for coining minimalism in the mainstream digital art goes to Microsoft with the Windows 8 layout. Apple’s application is more streamlined within iOS which is why it caught on so brilliantly.

Minimalism as an aesthetic is a brilliant tool to employ but m own view is that it is being used too much which naturally now brings me over to the indie side of things which has seen some great designers bring forward templates that have been lauded and marked professional use.

The one thing which is coming into sorts again are content centered designs which are focusing more on bringing content on the prominent pages instead of making purely appreciate the color schemes. From the business perspective you should take a look at some of these templates to get ideas but the more important advice is to experiment further with design as you pitch ideas.

And what else…
I expect a lot of new changes being brought in by Google over their content analysis and site rankings. The new and approved Skyscraper technique has already gotten people buzzing as has the adherence to content tools which is again something Google is stringent with.

Your marketing campaign is something you can assume to be in safe hands if you have started planning at least how you will be carrying forward each of your website related activities. The rest as they say: remember your strengths and build more upon them. Have a good 2015.

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