Why Integration and implementation of Tracking code in BigCommerce required Experts

Why Integration and implementation of Tracking code in Bigcommerce required Experts

In the world Digital marketing, quality is more important than quantum. Your brand’s higher reach in the Internet world will result in higher visitors visibility and website traffic which will lead to increase the likelihood of your products sale. It is always critical to ensure that the visitors to your site are converting into buyers and returning to your website for any of their future needs.

Doing business online these days is as similar as doing offline business, and requires to measure results through Analytics, same as a business do offline research of Financial audits and market to understand their market share and topline and bottom line improvement and movement, but with more systematic way through online tracking mechanism. Rolling out and implementing tracking and monitoring module in a website for Analytics can be a bit tricky process for most businesses and often specialist assistance is required to get things running correctly.

However, many web store owner preferred to implement by themselves, which leads to the occurrence of various errors in the data that can throw out undesirable results, often unknown to the analytics team. Customizing the tracking code for your customer requirements will need knowledge and effort to implement the customization in tracking code and then after need constant measurement and monitoring for the tracking tool to function and to report properly.

Why Track Web Traffic?
To genuinely have the capacity to distinguish audiences and user groups, we have to know right off the bat, their identity, besides, how they act and behave digital content. When we know this, we can begin to figure out what it is clients need from a site – that as well as we can know what products they want, on which device, using which channels, and at what time they need them. We can even distinguish which option somebody chooses while finishing an Enquiry form. This all means that we can start offering exactly what consumers want and we powerfully position to be in their mind.

Typically, we can track all of the matrices without too much of an issue. Many website owners think it is effortless, just needs to create a piece of code for each KPI tags and add it to the relevant page(s) of the website. Looks simple, right? It is! The problem is it takes a lot of time in BigCommerce, and typically involves at least 2 resources to implement one is a digital marketing person to create the tags and a developer to perform successfully to the website. In Bigcommerce these tags applied is a customized worked and needed a lot of understanding to create the script to fetch the value for the tag, those scripts and codes need to test every time before to go live for all the third party tracking tool it has to create differently due to the platform compatibility issues.

Again, this just the tip of the iceberg, in reality, it is a difficult task, and you should always hire experts to implement these tracking tools for your website. In a typical scenario, you want to track all the following activities and areas of your website:

  • Google Analytics for visitors movement from all the channel
  • PPC campaigns running via Google AdWords and Bing
  • Display campaigns with affiliates partners
  • Facebook ads
  • E-commerce tracking with Tag manager
  • Event tracking on every clickable button, link, and image across the website

If you see that lot of tracking code and impleme

ntation of those are required within the website! And only experts can create dozens and dozens of tags, then implement them successfully before putting them live, then testing them to ensure they’re reporting correctly. Not only that but if some error also arises they can easily debug them by creating and adding all additional code which increases the margin of error.

There are many third party tool for tracking and monitoring the performance of the website like, Google tag manager, perfect Audience, klaviyo, criteo, sidecar, etc.. all need customization and need experienced developer and digital marketing person to understand and implement them in their website for advanced level tracking like cart appointment, e-commerce tracking, tags for facebook Audience creation through Pixel integration, dynamic remarketing from AdWords and Facebook, auto updation on price and stock of the product in google merchant feed and many more similar advance level tracking require a BigCommerce developer.

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