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Who has the time to analyse the blog? Probably handful of people. I feel the same way as you think. Over the past years of my experience I’ve got a question about the blog post we do. I felt round about the bush every time I used to read the blogs. Which blogging platform should one use? Is eCommerce deafult Blog better or WordPress Blog. This dilemma brought me to a conclusion to jump over a research work on it. Browsing in lot of websites and comments from the people. Listening to the expert annotations etc. I have compiled the findings below.

This blog highlights the differences and investigates which one is better for new eCommerce users.

E-commerce Blog

i) Bigcommerce


Bigcommerce is simply one step solution to start an online store. It recommends you the option to sell all over the world with multiple currency support and worldwide shopping. We have been building websites since a decade and Bigcommerce is by far one of the best platforms we’ve come across.


  • The blogs on Bigcommerce store are mobile friendly.
  • Has good SEO friendliness.
  • It has built-in marketing features.
  • It has user friendly admin page.


When it comes to work with blog in Bigcommerce, it is one of the less flexible solutions.

  • The tweaks on the blog page are like “Rocket Science”. You need to hire a wordpress developer or spend your precious time in making the edits in HTML/CSS code for your store.
  • There are certain UI related limitations in Bigcommerce, so you can’t design all the blog elements as per your requirement.
  • There is no third party plug-ins to make your blog better available in Bigcommerce.
  • Bigcommerce blog does not support multiple languages.

ii) Shopify


Shopify is designed solely as an eCommerce platform. It is an amazing platform for building an online business. It is an hosted solution for your shop on their servers.


  • Helps you to set up a responsive website instantly.
  • You can easily add powerful features from the app store
  • It is quite easy for your team to manage tweaks.


  • It has more dependency on third party apps which affects the quality and cost.
  • Creative bloggers won’t get 100% satisfied as it has content limitation. It has limited blog layout. Because if they want to do something unusual, they need another blogging platform.

iii) 3D Cart


3D Cart is software which helps you to create and manage your online store. The built-in blog feature allows you to create a blog within your store in minutes by few clicks.


  • 3D Cart is easy to use and customise
  • Increases your SEO as it creates the blog with same domain name as the website/store.
  • You can add Google+ profile credentials to each blog you post.
  • It has user friendly admin backend for owners and easy frontend for customers.
  • Fully integrated with POS


  • You are limited to 25 blog posts on home page.
  • Limited bandwidth with plan
  • Need to use third-party app to enable recurring billing system.

iv) SEO Shop


SEO shop is an eCommerce platform which helps to create online business in such a way that your business easily indexes its pages on search engines. This improves the SERP rankings which will increase traffic on your website. Ultimately, it will result into increase of conversion rates leading to great sales.


  • Beneficial to manage global operations
  • Creates ability to stay updated with the search engines
  • You can get the list of “Recent Articles”


  • Packed with limited functionality to modify the structure of the blog.
  • No extra plug-in or third party tool available to customise the blog. It is only done with CSS
  • You can get only the list of “Recent Articles”, list of “Popular Articles” is not possible.
  • Poor community support

WordPress Blog


WordPress is website creation tool written in PHP. It is easy and commanding blog content management system today. Like other platforms, WordPress is quite popular. It works as the best blogging platform which works with plug-in and extensions including eCommerce.


  • Using WordPress blog is free.
  • Simple setup.
  • SEO optimized.
  • Free plug-in available to customise blog.
  • You can easily get list of “Popular Articles”
  • Great community support
  • It has user-friendly administration system and open-source status.
  • You can easily get the list of “Popular Articles” in WordPress.

If your company relies greatly on blogging, then WordPress may be superior for you, because it revolves around blogging and efficiently utilizes SEO optimization.


What blogging platform should one use? Really a big question… Isn’t it? Well, when I talk with my clients, my suggestions always fluctuate depending on their requirement. eCommerce is obviously a fine option that offers quality, high functionality etc but generally, I find that WordPress offers something extra: faster, easy to install, advanced and with best artistic work. It is one of the best platforms to post your blogs. It is definitely easier to implement and secure.

Bigcommerce with its 20,000 plus store would use WordPress as their blogging platform and it would be a pleasure for WordPress team to empower one of the fastest mounting ecommerce companies. Operating an online store is your focus, what are you waiting for??? Walk through the details of WordPress

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