How to Choose a Color for the Logotype: The Psychology of Colors

How to choose a color for the logotype: the psychology of colors Do you know that a properly chosen color palette is able to create a visual illusion and affect your psychology? Believe it or not, but philosophers are trying to understand the nature of this phenomena in the field of chromatology for the last two hundred years. Thanks to their extensive….... Continue Reading

How to Use Budget-Friendly Promotional Products to Market Your Business Successfully

promotional products You don’t have to be Nike, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Google, or any other of the top famous brands to get your company noticed. Non-profit organizations, small businesses, and even personal brands can get the recognition they need to succeed with a properly designed and executed promotion, and that can start with….... Continue Reading

10 eCommerce Design Mistakes That Ruin Your Conversion Rate

eCommerce design mistakes eCommerce is not a field where you can get success following a single formula. However, there are certain phycology principles and UX tricks that are proven to work. But above all, you must make sure that you’re not making design mistakes that make visitor exit quickly. For any eCommerce startup,….... Continue Reading

How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy in 8 Easy Steps

social media marketing strategy What if you took one or two afternoons to boost your business performance by 50%? Wouldn’t you immediately say “Yes, I’ll do it”? What a rhetorical question. Every single one of us is seeking growth, which in marketing, it mostly represents more traffic, leads, and sales. Strategy is Planning Planning….... Continue Reading

Best Marketing Strategies Using Customer Reviews

customer reviews for marketing Positive customer reviews are golden. If you get enough of them, you can fire half of your marketing team. Jokes aside, numerous e-commerce businesses focus on getting customer reviews more than on SEO and other marketing strategies. The reason is that word-of-the-mouth marketing is still alive, especially in e-commerce. We’ve….... Continue Reading