Whiteboard Animation Brings New Life to Marketing Endeavors

Marketing is constantly changing to meet the specific audiences that consumers wish to sell products to. There are times when your current advertising strategies become less effective. Many people begin to spend money on various types of advertising at this point. It is more efficient, however, to do some research on the most effective marketing techniques. Money can be spent on more relative options, therefore saving you money in the long run. Whiteboard animation is taking marketing in a new direction with bold new and old-fashioned tactics.


The first necessity of advertising is that it needs to get into people’s heads. This is not a new concept, yet whiteboard animation does it in a different way. There are still plenty of jingles out there that get stuck in our heads and remind us of well-known products. Whiteboard artists do more than get a simple message in your head, they get an entire concept across. Your audience is going to know more than simply who you are. They are going to know what you do and where to find you. It is known that images added to information has the capability of engaging long-term memory recall. This technique is so efficient you can even fit in information on your mission statement. All of this can be done in less than a minute.

Visual Communication

Visual communication should not be underestimated. There are plenty of examples in our human history that prove this is an effective form of communication. There is a history of symbols before there was a recorded language. It is common to find various artworks in the ruins of ancient civilizations. Think about the cave writings and markings found in the pyramids, for example. Visual communication via sign language is substituted when the hearing is limited, as well. Drawing for whiteboard animation may include gestures and emotional expressions.  You can’t go wrong with something that has been used for thousands of years.

Tells a Story

Humans are always up for a story. From the time we were little, we look forward to being read to. Even with technology moving forward, books have remained a constant addition to our communities. Whiteboard animation brings technology and our love of stories together in one place. Consumers can’t help themselves. They just keep watching, to see what happens. The anticipation of what may be drawn next keeps the public interested. Many books are not complete without illustrations. Stories and animations are a natural combination.  Whiteboard animations build on the natural curiosity of human beings.

Affects Emotions

Since whiteboard animations are aimed at people, this is mainly what they depict. A wide range of emotions can, surprisingly, be fit into a single animation. This aspect draws people in, as they become invested in the character that is drawn. The figure may go through several emotions or through an important change during the short animation. The audience often becomes invested in what happens to the loveable character they meet in the beginning. By the end, they may find themselves rooting for the character to succeed for feeling sad that something went wrong. This is like how people feel when they watch a traditional commercial with realistic characters.

Educates or Explains

After a whiteboard animation, you should expect to know something you did not know before. If a product or service is described, there should be no question about how it can improve your life. There is always a concept or theory that is explained thoroughly. The explanation reaches the audience where they are. Many times, businesses like to share information on how a product works, for example. If a company is trying to sell a vacuum with a high-quality filter, there may be an animation that depicts a character with a messy floor to get the main point across. Drawings that accompany this may break down the process of HEPA filters and how allergens infiltrate our bodies.  


You can also expect a whiteboard animation to simplify a process that it explains. Even the people represented in the animations are given a simplified appearance, this can make it easier to focus on the point made by the animation. These advertisements are stripped down to focus only on the main objective. When the animations are used as educational tools inside online courses for example, the same concept applies. The response of consumers often shows that they do not need the frivolous extras used in some online videos.

A video may show a simple problem and solution. In advertising, this problem may be something that consumers experience on a regular basis. When it comes to reaching the target audience, the characters are tailored to fit those in question. Simplifying information is not done because people are incapable of understanding information. 

Whiteboard animations are enhancing marketing campaigns for many types of businesses. These animations often bring about laughter and sincere human emotion. Complex ideas are broken down in an easy to understand format that does not make people feel stressed out. Whiteboard advertising uses modern technology and couples it with techniques that have been around for thousands of years. The ability to communicate through pictures and symbols is nothing new to the human race. Our love of stories, also, shows no sign of diminishing. Your business may benefit greatly by offering an engaging the target audience with a whiteboard advertisement. Click here to learn more about how to create an awesome whiteboard animation to maximize your marketing campaign.

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