4 Halloween Tricks For Your Online Store To Treat Your Customers

October the 30th is approaching, talking each step as a day. It will knock on your door and ask for “Trick or Treat”.

Halloween has great importance in our culture. The United States, including Canada, Ireland, and Mexico, enjoy this festival, but in their own ways and traditions. Halloween is a fun holiday with scary costumes, cute kids asking for trick or treat, and spooky acts.

Apparently, people become more generous and spend a lot of money on costumes, candies & chocolates, decorations, movies, and everything they need to live to the fullest. In 2017, Halloween sales reached a record-breaking $9.1 billion dollars. As an eCommerce store owner, you just can’t ignore this opportunity!

So we’re discussing 4 strategies that you can use in Halloween to drive more buyers and develop a strong customer base. The strategies go by:

  1. Personalize Your Online Store For Halloween
  2. No Tricks, Only Treats
  3. Social Media Posts
  4. Targeted Content

Let’s look at each of these strategies and see how they can help grow your business and brand value.

1. Personalize Your Online Store For Halloween

First of all, there a lot (stretch the word) you can do in this segment. Starting from your eCommerce themes to icons, you can literally turn your store into a Halloween house. But these are the two elements that can make a great impact on customers.


Halloween eCommerce Strategies

Turn your banners into something interesting using a Halloween theme. Let your customers know that you’re planning something exciting for Halloween, including the unveiling of the best poster designer tool for the occasion. Buyers should be aware that a lot of great offers are about to come.

Note: You do need a strong schedule to be right on time. You would want to inform the customers about the sale at the right time. You would want to release the sale dates at the right time. And you would want to open the sale, just at the right time.   

You can also display offers and discount for Halloween with the right use of graphics. The idea is to let your customers know that they are about to have some exciting deals on Halloween.

Theme & Icons

Icons are not among the things that buyers observe very keenly. But if you make interesting changes, it can leave a great impression on visitors. Simple changes like changing store themes colors to Halloween colors can benefit a lot.

Simple changes like putting pumpkin head instead of profile icon, Halloween basket instead of a shopping cart, changing colors to your logo, and all the things that say “We’re excited about Halloween!”.

Here are some icon ideas you can implement:

  • Putting a scary house as a home button.
  • Replacing the profile icon with a pumpkin head.
  • Changing “View Button” with an Owl.
  • Add Spyder to “Track Orders”.
  • Halloween basket for shopping cart
  • Candies to show “Reward Coins”.
  • Adding Halloween theme to your logo.

There’s a lot you can do in this section, it all depends upon your creativity! There are many examples where online stores change the entire attire for the week of Halloween and they do get a lot of benefit from this.

Holiday change over not only gives you sales, but it also makes a huge impact on brand marketing. If you succeed to deliver a great buying experience to your customers, they will return your store again and again. BigCommerce themes are highly customizable in general, so if you’re using BigCommerce as your platform, there’s a lot you can do.

2. No Tricks, Only Treats

Halloween eCommerce StrategiesImage Ref: Accore Hotels

Offer and discounts have become an integral part of any retail business today.

They attract customers, they increase sales, and they give you returning customers.

Discounts and offers work normally on any day, no holidays needed!. But, holidays change the entire matrix of retail. According to this article by Business Insider, Black Friday saw a record-breaking 226 million shoppers spending millions of dollars in total, with an average of $398 per person!

Holidays increase the entire economics of buying, and that’s what online stores can seize. Interestingly, people not only wait for holidays for shopping, but they wait for offers and sale in many cases, just like the classic battle between Amazon & Flipkart. Buyers do postpone their shopping schedules and wait for shopping festivals like “Big Indian Festival” and “The Big Billion Days” in India.

The point is to make good use of festival and design some exciting offers & discounts to attract more customers to your platforms. Halloween retail revenue is expected to reach $9 million in 2018, so why not get started already!

3. Social Media Posts

Social media is a great platform to promote your business in general, and Halloween can add extra charm. Brands use social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter to promote their latest products and offers.

Here’s a great example of Tattly – A temporary tattoo making company. They have used Instagram very cleverly to promote their Halloween tattoos. Have a look:

Halloween eCommerce Strategies

With effective use of graphics and hashtags, you can reach to more people on social media. These platforms have the highest reach and they possess the highest number of targeted customers. Now that you can directly sell on Instagram and Facebook, you can definitely increase your revenue numbers with a right marketing strategy.

The point is, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity, period.

4. Targeted Content

At last, we are talking about content.

Content that can give you so many targeted buyers!

Just for fun, I search the term “Halloween” in Semrush to check the monthly volume of this keyword.

This keyword has 1 freaking million searches!

Here’s another hit. I checked Google Trends for the same keyword (now, I was really curious!). It has the interest of 100 in the last week before Haloween 2017. And we can clearly see the increase in trend for this year as well.

Halloween eCommerce StrategiesIf tons of people are searching for various things on Halloween, you can create stunning content and promote your products. Here are some relevant keywords on Halloween and the search volume won’t disappoint you.

Halloween eCommerce StrategiesBottomline

Halloween has a great potential for eCommerce. Not only Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Chrismas can give outstanding traffic to your online stores. You must try these strategies to get the best out of these festivals.

Let us know your views on these Halloween eCommerce strategies and share your personal experiences in the comment section below. Also, connect with PSDCenter for any eCommerce development for your next holiday makeover.


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