25 + WordPress plugins you shouldn’t miss for your business

Wordpress Plugins WordPress is the fastest growing CMS, with roughly 500+ new sites being built daily in the top 10 million websites on the web (source) Many businesses use WordPress for building and managing a powerful business website. But, very few see it as a growth booster. WordPress features more than 54,266 plugins….... Continue Reading

Top 10 WordPress Plugins That Every Webmaster Should Use

Top 10 WordPress Plugins That Every Webmaster Should Use 56,363 plugins and still more to come! WordPress has beaten all content management system providers by offering a large range of plugins to webmasters. Since its invention in 2003, it is striving to provide the best user experience. Recent survey report of WordPress has also proved it. According to a….... Continue Reading

E-commerce Blog v/s WordPress Blog

“Every post you publish is the reflection of your belief or opinion on the world, and customers will choose to recognize with you – or not – based on that belief” Who has the time to analyse the blog? Probably handful of people. I feel the same way as you….... Continue Reading

OpenShift: Something for WordPress Enthusiasts

Developer enthusiasts will remember the tools that were available for portability on Wordpress. The initial entry of Wordpress in the web development market was still relatively now when the prospective bloggers adopted its free service as the “choice” tool to adopt. There is the narrative of Joomla stepping into the….... Continue Reading