25 + WordPress plugins you shouldn’t miss for your business

Wordpress Plugins

WordPress is the fastest growing CMS, with roughly 500+ new sites being built daily in the top 10 million websites on the web (source)

Many businesses use WordPress for building and managing a powerful business website. But, very few see it as a growth booster. WordPress features more than 54,266 plugins that can help in growing your business profits. 

Plugins are an essential part of the WordPress ecosystem; they acquaint you with additional functionalities. You can do a lot of things to strengthen your business website and generate more revenue. 

From forms to blogs, there is a plugin for everything. If you need some interesting tips on starting a blog, you can refer to the article, “ How to Start a Blog in 2020 (and Make Money): Easy Guide to Start Blogging Today.”

Best WordPress plugins for growing business in 2021 

Here are the best WordPress plugins that can take you closer to your business goals. 

1. MonsterInsights 

Want to know what’s capturing attention on your website and what needs to be changed? Avoid the guesswork and get the answers to such questions with MonsterInsights. It is the most popular Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. 

You don’t need to log into your Google Analytics to search for any insights. Directly track your website and get visitor metrics on your WordPress dashboard.

Know how many people are landing on your website, from where they are coming, and which keywords are they searching for. This insightful data can help in planning new strategies for increasing website conversions. Find what’s working and enhance it to boost your conversions. 

2. Salesmate CRM

Easily capture leads form your WordPress website into Salesmate CRM and convert them into profitable opportunities. Salesmate CRM is the child plugin (Add-on) of gravity form plugin. So, whenever a website visitor fills up a form, Salesmate CRM will automatically fetch the data and create a deal or contact as per the set criteria. 

You don’t need to do the hard work. Just work smart with this CRM for WordPress. With the necessary information in your CRM, you can address leads quickly and convert them into sales. 

3. W3 Total Cache 

No one likes to wait, not even your website visitors. Moreover, you even lose search engine ranking when a site takes too much time to load. W3 Total Cache plugin reduces page loading speed using cache rules and aids in keeping your SEO ranking high.

Improve your site performance, enhance the user experience, and increase visitor time on your website with this plugin. It helps your website in sustaining a massive load of traffic without crashing. This smart plugin offers an extensive array of caching abilities like page cache, browser cache, object cache, and more.

4. Ays-pro 

For a successful business you should take into consideration your audience opinion. For that you must use a tool that will be suitable for every cases. If you have a wordpress website, wordpress survey plugin can be a useful tool for you. It includes more than 15 questions types, using which you will be able to create unlimited surveys with unlimited questions and collect the needed feedback from your audience.

Based on the feedback you can target your users and build your business on them. The plugin also has the ability to let the users share their honest opinion without revealing their identities. It is proved that staying anonymous helps users to tell you what they really think about your offered product.

But not all users want to answer the same questions again and again, let them answer the questions that they find important. Make use of the logic jump option and the system will ask them questions, based on their previous answers. Also, if you wish to collect the potential clients email addresses, you will be able to create contact forms as well.

5. Easysendy Pro 

EasySendy helps you keep track of your contacts and segment them, send out newsletters and campaigns, set up automated email marketing automation, and view reports. You can tailor the types of information you collect using its customized data field.

Engage your target audience by creating and sending professional emails using its mobile-optimized templates. Using the EasySendy plugin makes this easy because you can automatically add the email addresses you capture to your email list.

6. Rank Math 

The business world is filled with competition. To be the frontrunner, you need to appear on the first search page of Google and other search sites. A WordPress plugin like Rank Math can help move up in the rankings to get your products noticed by maximum seekers.

Easily identify the keywords you rank for, get your site map status, and find pages that throw 404 error. Improve your SEO with this advanced plugin and attract more traffic to your website. 

7. WPForms 

Building and adding a form to a website might get cumbersome at times. Well, you don’t need to worry about it when you have the WPForms plugin for WordPress. Build compelling forms for your website quickly using the excellent features of this plugin. Whether its payment, survey, contact, or guest blog submission form, you can build any form in minutes using this plugin in WordPress. 

WP Forms offer customizable, pre-built templates. It’s drag and drop editor makes it easier to create custom forms for your business website. 

8. Constant Contact 

Website visitors’ information is crucial for selling a product or services. Collect new contacts, email addresses, and visitors’ feedback directly from your WordPress page with the Constant Contact plugin. It is one of the most well-known marketing tools in the market. 

With its customized data field, you can tailor the type of information you want to collect. Using its mobile-optimized templates, create and send professional emails to engage your target audience. The best part is that you can automatically add the email addresses you capture to the Constant Contact email list, so you don’t need to do the extra work. 

9. Akismet 

Don’t let spam consume your valuable time or hamper your search engine ranking. Akismet is an antispam plugin for WordPress. It filters out spam so that you can focus on things that matter for your business.

Don’t worry about managing your content spam. Akismet tracks your comments and eliminates malicious content before it gets published. 

10. Gravity Forms 

Forms are a crucial component of a good website. However, creating a form isn’t an easy task, which is why you need the help of an expert. Gravity Forms is one of the most powerful form building plugins for WordPress.

Using this advanced plugin, you can create almost any kind of forms like contact form, survey, support request, or questionnaire. You can easily insert forms into the pages and posts with this intuitive plugin. There is no coding required.

The best part is that you can track how users interact with your forms through its configuration setting. Besides, using its conditional logic, you can tailor the form based on the responses given earlier. 

11. Broken Link Checker 

Broken links are not healthy for your business; they can damage your reputation online. Moreover, they can negatively impact your website’s ranking and usability. Monitor and fix the broken links on your WordPress website with Broken Link Checker

Quickly check which links are working on your website and which links are causing problems. Get notified through emails when an issue is discovered and resolve it quickly. Easily view the history of the links and get more information to delve deeper into the problem. 

12. Sucuri 

Security is a crucial factor to ponder over for any website owner; a secured website aids in earning the visitors’ trust and confidence. Protect your website with Sucuri. It is a security plugin for WordPress that shields your website from hacks and prevents future attacks.

This high-end plugin ensures that your website is clean of malware, malicious javascript, and spammy link injections. Sucuri audits everything like file changes, new-post addition, and other things happening on your WordPress website. It will notify you immediately whenever anything suspicious is detected. 

13. TablePress 

Tables are the best way to present vital information about your product in an easy to read format. To simplify this process of creating tables, you can use the TablePress plugin. It is the most popular WordPress table plugin.

Easily create complex tables and charts inside WordPress using this smart plugin. Using its built-in library, you can insert a wide variety of Javascript. You don’t need to do additional coding as it allows you to edit the table in the spreadsheet format. You can import and export tables from different sources. 

14. UpdraftPlus 

Don’t lose any file; automatically back up important data with UpdraftPlus.

 It is one of the best ranking and backup plugins. UpdraftPlus allows you to back up your files and database in the cloud.

You can either do it manually or schedule your backups. Its a highly advanced reporting tool that helps you see the status of backups in progress and notifies you in case of errors. The best part about this plugin is that it allows you to restore your WordPress backup. 

15. SEMrush

Are you struggling in finding relevant keywords? SEMrush is a cutting-edge SEO and marketing plugin that can boost your site’s SEO and content marketing. Easily find out which keywords is your website ranking for and from where the backlinks are coming.

It also provides keywords variation to include in your content. Interestingly, you can even keep track of your competition and see which keywords they are ranking for. 

16. Revive Old Posts 

Content plays an important role in generating leads. But often, the best work is lost when you post too much content on different sites. Revive Old Posts helps you in identifying and promoting old posts for capturing the attention of more buyers. 

With this plugin, you can know how many clicks your post received and when it was shared on various social media sites. Don’t let your efforts go in vain, continue reaping the rewards from the content you created in the past. 

17. WP Smush 

Is your website taking too much time to load due to large images? Resize your images without compromising on quality with WP Smush. It is one of the best image compression plugins for WordPress.

It helps you in saving space and speeding up your site. You don’t need to put in much effort; the image will be compressed automatically whenever you upload it. Optimize your site images and give your website visitors more reasons to stay on your website. 

18. LiveChat 

Buyers want quick assistance. Give answers to your potential buyers’ queries quickly with LiveChat plugin for your WordPress website. Create an easy path for your potential buyers to reach with this high-end plugin. Buyers and customers can seamlessly connect and chat with your team using LiveChat. 

It allows you to customize the chat window as per your business-specific requirements. Get a full history of the previous chats. Gain control over all the conversations with your buyers from a single platform. 

19. Shared Counts 

The more content you share, the better opportunities you’ll get. Expand the reach of your content with the help of Shared Counts.

With this WordPress plugin, you can easily add Shared Count shortcodes into your site design. You can add multiple social sharing buttons to your website and increase your page views. With Shared Counts, you can quickly find the top shared post and discover the most popular content. 

20. Getsitecontrol 

Enhance visitor engagement and augment your website conversion with Getsitecontrol. It is an all in one solution for social shares, promo pop up, contact forms, and live chat. 

You can add seven different widgets like chat, subscribe, survey, contact, promo, share, and follow the widget with this WordPress plugin. With all the important widgets on a single dashboard, you can work seamlessly without switching between different platforms. 

21. Easy Appointments

Quit setting appointment the old way and embrace the new approach with Easy Appointments. It is an easy-to-use WordPress plugin to manage your schedule and appointments efficiently. Stay on top of your appointments using this highly customizable plugin. Don’t miss any opportunity, automate your email confirmation and reminders with Easy Appointments. 

22. MemberPress 

Creating a membership site isn’t a hassle anymore. MemberPress is one of the most popular membership plugins that seamlessly integrates with your WP course program. 

You can create various courses and link it to your product. The customers can have access to more than one membership at the same time as per their requirements. It has extensive capabilities to handle various membership website requirements and works well with various payment apps. 

23. SeedProd 

Companies lose many leads when their website is under construction. With the SeedProd WordPress plugin, this can be avoided. You can get subscribers even before your website is live by building hype with a compelling ‘coming soon’ landing page. 

Keep a ‘notify me’ tab on the coming soon landing page. Ask website visitors to enter their email address to get notified when the website is live. In this way, you could collect email addresses of potential buyers. 

24. Google Maps Builder 

Makes it as easy as possible for your potential buyers to find your location with Google Maps Builder. It is a powerful map builder plugin for WordPress. Effortlessly create a map for your WordPress website without touching any code.

You can share multiple locations with the advanced plugin. You can customize the way you want to display your map. Easily control the size and look of your map. 

25. Soliloquy 

The slider can offer a professional look and allows you to display vital content creatively. Soliloquy is a WordPress plugin that helps you create attractive and responsive images and video sliders for your WordPress website. 

You can easily import and rearrange slides with drag and drop website builder. It offers a wide number of pre-designed themes and templates for customization. It can be used from any device. 

26. CSS Hero 

Many sites will offer pre-designed themes for free, but unfortunately, they won’t meet your unique business requirements. For that, you’ll need a smart solution like CSS Hero that gives you full control over your site’s appearance. 

This smart plugin allows you to customize the look of your WordPress site the way you want it. You don’t require any coding or knowledge of CSS or HTML to create customized themes for your website. 

27. Beaver Builder 

Building a visually appealing website is a challenging task. To ensure you succeed in building a website that drives traffic, take the help of Beaver Builder. It is an easy-to-use drag and drop page builder plugin that aid in building customized websites. 

It offers a complete toolset that simplifies the process of developing a WordPress Website. You can experiment and do a wide number of things with its excellent features. 

28. Responsive Checker 

Is your website mobile friendly? Find it out with a Responsive Checker. This WordPress plugin helps you check your website’s responsiveness on various devices like iPhone, Android phones, or tablets. 

By entering the site’s URL, you can find out if the user can get the same experience on mobile that they get through your website. Find the problem and fix it in real-time to provide the best experience to your users. 

29. Envira Gallery 

Does your website need a photo gallery to display the images of your product? Instead of hiring a professional to develop it use a smarter alternative- Envira Gallery. It is a gallery plugin for WordPress. Add a responsive gallery to your WordPress website with this intuitive plugin. 

Seamlessly drag and drop images the way you want to display them. You can even comprise the images to increase your loading speed. The best part is that it offers multiple customization options to make things simpler for you. 

30. BlogVault 

Keeping the crucial data safe from outside intruders has been a priority of every business. Thankfully with BlogVault, you can keep your WordPress data safe. It is the best way to protect your website from any danger. 

With the help of the advanced plugin, you can store your backup in the cloud. You can automate the back-up process and rest assured that your data is safe with Blog Vault. The backups can be easily accessed whenever you need them. 

31.  BirchPress

Are you looking forward to adding an online booking system to your WordPress website? BirchPress can help you. It is one of the most popular WordPress appointment and booking plugins. 

Easily set an appointment by effortlessly adding an appointment booking form on any page or post of your preference. BirchPress makes your work easier as it syncs with Google Calendar, Outlook, etc.

 It is simple and easy to use. Birch Press offers customizable email notifications and reminders to keep you informed.

32. WP Login Lockdown

WP Login Lockdown is a straightforward yet powerful tool that restricts the number of login attempts from a single IP address.

If there are excessive failed login attempts, the plugin automatically blocks that IP address from logging in. It allows you to specify the number of failed login attempts permitted before initiating the lockdown and determine the duration of the lockdown period.

Additionally, WP Login Lockdown maintains comprehensive records and statistics of all lockouts, providing real-time monitoring and enabling you to identify potential risks.

33. WP Maintenance PRO

WP Maintenance PRO provides a wide range of attractive themes that can captivate visitors and enhance the visual appeal of your maintenance, landing, and coming-soon pages.

With access to over 3 million free images, you can easily find and incorporate high-quality visuals, enabling you to build these pages faster and create a compelling user experience.

You can rest assured that you won’t have to start building a theme from scratch. WP Maintenance PRO offers a collection of ready-made themes designed for various types of websites.

This saves you time and effort, allowing you to quickly choose a theme that suits your website’s style and purpose, ensuring a professional and visually appealing maintenance, landing, or coming-soon page.

34. WP 301 Redirects

WP 301 Redirects offers an effective solution to address these issues and prevent any negative impact on your website’s performance.

This plugin enables you to quickly redirect any page or post with invalid or broken links and manage affiliate links.

With a centralized dashboard, you can easily handle this process. By using this plugin, you can ensure that any removed site or page does not result in a broken URL or a 404 error message.

Additionally, if you modify the URL of your website, the plugin will automatically update the URLs of all pages and posts.

35. WP Force SSL

WP Force SSL certificate for WordPress is necessary to establish a secure connection between your website and its users.

This certificate employs SSL encryption, safeguarding sensitive data like personal information and login passwords from unauthorized individuals.

Additionally, obtaining an SSL certificate enhances your website’s credibility by demonstrating your commitment to user privacy and security

36. Bookings for gravity forms

Bookings For Gravity Forms is an online booking form plugin that allows you to create an online appointment booking and scheduling system.

The online booking plugin manages all online appointments within Gravity Forms and is 100% user-friendly, making it easier for clients to make appointments seamlessly.

It offers many features, such as location-based appointment filtering, one-way sync with Google Calendar, dynamic email templates, and more.

Gravity Booking is a WordPress focused on streamlining appointment/meeting scheduling and bookings for coaches, consultants, salons, tutors, trainers, and other businesses.

Also, it enables you to tailor the form per the requirements.

37. WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments

WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments is a vital WooCommerce plugin for businesses across various industries, ensuring seamless booking experiences.

It serves tour operators, event organizers, educational institutions, accommodation providers, healthcare professionals, sports venues, and more.

Key features include single-day, multi-day, and hourly bookings, along with dynamic cost calculations for transparent pricing.

This plugin offers robust booking management tools like email notifications, Google Calendar integration, partial payment acceptance, customizable fields, and staff management features.

It optimizes operations, boosts customer satisfaction, and opens new revenue streams. With its flexibility and user-friendly design, WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments is an invaluable asset for businesses streamlining booking processes and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

38. WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Plugin

Enhance your WooCommerce store’s shipping capabilities with the WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Plugin by PluginHive.

This certified FedEx solution seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, enabling you to showcase live FedEx rates at the checkout, print labels in bulk, and maintain real-time FedEx tracking.

It also harmonizes effortlessly with DOKAN, a premier multi-vendor platform, offering comprehensive control over shipping processes.

Key features encompass live display of FedEx rates, streamlined label generation with included postage, automatic tracking for customer updates, precise shipping calculations, customizable service names and handling costs, seamless integration with payment systems like Cash on Delivery (CoD), support for special FedEx services, and regular updates for optimal performance and compatibility.

Elevate your shipping experience today with the WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Plugin.

39. WooCommerce canada post shipping plugin with print label 

The WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping plugin with Print Label is the perfect shipping tool for Canadian e-commerce businesses. This plugin integrates smoothly with your WooCommerce store providing you a wide range of features to enhance and automate your shipping capabilities.

With This plugin, you can display live Canada Post rates at the checkout, print labels in a single click and achieve Canada Post Tracking in real-time for your WooCommerce shipments. Using this WooCommerce Shipping plugin you can automate shipping tasks by saving time and effort. 


As you have read above, many WordPress plugins can enhance your website to attract more potential buyers. As per your requirements, choose the best plugins you need for your business and use it to increase your website traffic.

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