5 Useful AI tools for eCommerce business in 2024

AI tools for eCommerce
Key Takeaways
  • Drift, Algolia, Image to Text Converter, Copy.ai, and Synthesia are the top five essential AI tools for eCommerce businesses.
  • Drift improves customer engagement with 24/7 AI chatbots and seamless Salesforce integration.
  • Algolia optimizes website search with fast, personalized results.
  • Image to Text Converter automates text extraction from images. It reduces the chances of manual data entry errors.
  • Copy.ai generates and customizes marketing content. Available in over 95 languages, even global marketers can use it.
  • Synthesia creates personalized video content from text scripts in 130+ languages. It boosts video marketing strategies.

Running an eCommerce business involves many tasks. From writing product descriptions to keeping records of inventory to communicating with customers, you have to handle many things simultaneously.

To speed up these processes, businesses can either expand their team or incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) in their workflow. In fact, 54% of the companies have already implemented GenAI in some areas of their business.

If you haven’t started using AI tools in your eCommerce workflow, you should start using them. After all, you would definitely like to make your operation efficient. If you also think so, see five AI tools for your store.

5 best AI tools for eCommerce

1. Drift


Drift is an AI-powered conversational and buyer-engagement platform, founded back in 2015. It enables businesses to better interact with their customers online.

It uses advanced AI to understand site visitors, their intent for visiting, and their visit patterns to give them a personalized experience. Its human-like 24/7 available customer support answers the customers’ questions accordingly.

In addition, the chatbots can also schedule meetings and qualify leads. The integration with Salesforce and advanced analytics further enables businesses to make data-driven decisions and optimize their sales funnels.

Best for: Customer engagement and conversational marketing

Best features:

  • AI-powered chatbots for 24/7 customer support
  • Conversational Landing Pages (CLPs) for real-time conversations with people visiting the store
  • Automates follow-up emails based on user interactions to gain more leads and convert them into customers
  • Seamless integration with Salesforce to streamline the sales process
  • Provides insights into customer behaviour, engagement rates, and conversion metrics


The Premium plan costs $2,500/month, but Advanced and Enterprise subscriptions can be obtained at custom pricing.

Drift Price

2. Algolia


For eCommerce businesses, Algolia can significantly enhance the search and discovery experience on their websites. It is an API-first search and discovery platform to provide fast, accurate, and personalized search results.

Algolia uses advanced AI and ML algorithms to introduce advanced filtering options. It helps increase customer satisfaction and conversion rates. Robust analytics can also help businesses to analyze user feedback and behavior.

Best for: Search and discovery optimization

Best features:

  • Provides search results quickly as the customer types
  • Uses AI to tailor search results based on user behavior and preferences to increase the chances of conversions
  • Let users refine their search with multiple filters and facets and navigate through large catalogues
  • Offers detailed insights into search patterns, popular queries, and user interactions
  • Suitable for all businesses as it can handle more than 1.7+ trillion queries a year


Free to use with limited functionality. Paid plans start at $0.50 per 1,000 search requests. Premium and Elevate plans come at custom pricing.

Algolia price

3. Image to Text Converter

Image to Text Converter can be used for any operation that involves text extraction. However, it particularly help those businesses which involve a lot of documentation, including invoices, purchase orders, and product descriptions.

With the help of OCR technology, this tool can detect, recognize, and extract text from the PDF file and convert it into editable text. Simply paste the file and copy the extractor text or download it in the TXT file format.

Businesses can automate text extraction from PDFs. This saves them significant time and reduces the likelihood of errors associated with manual data entry.

Best for: Extracting text from PDF documents

Best features:

  • Advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to extract text accurately
  • Allows multiple PDF files to be submitted at once for text extraction
  • User-friendly, easy-to-use design that makes it easy for anyone to use
  • Works on all devices with an internet connection and a browser


Free to use for up to 3 images in one go. To get more image submissions in one go, get the premium plan.

PDF to Text price

4. Copy.ai


Copy.ai is a generative AI platform famous for generating and customizing content in 95+ languages. Businesses can use it to brainstorm, research, and write content, as well as translate content in 100+ languages to reach a global audience.

Using this tool is easier than you think. Simply write a prompt that describes what you want. For example, if you want to write a product description, you can tell it what to include, like benefits, specifications, etc. Once the prompt is ready, submit it to the tool, and it will generate content accordingly.

This tool can write blog posts, email campaigns, social media posts, ad copies, and more in addition to the product description. It can even personalize content with the help of available customization options as per the brand’s voice and style.

Best for: Generating/editing marketing copy

Best features:

  • Generates high-quality marketing copy quickly and efficiently
  • Offers a variety of templates for different content needs, making it easy to get started
  • Users can customize the generated content to fit their brand’s voice and style
  • Translate content in 100+ languages so you can reach a global audience


Copy.ai offers a free plan with limited features. To unlock more features, choose the Starter or Advanced plan.

Copy.ai price

5. Synthesia


Synthesia uses advanced AI to turn a text script into a video. It particularly benefits eCommerce businesses that want to improve their content marketing strategies.

It can be used to create interactive, personalized video content that enables businesses to better capture the attention of their audience and convey their brand message. They can choose from 160+ video avatars and 130+ languages.

The ability to produce videos in multiple languages also helps businesses reach a global audience. It makes Synthesia a versatile tool for global eCommerce operations.

Best for: Creating AI-generated videos

Best features:

  • Allows businesses to create personalized video content using 160+ realistic AI-generated avatars
  • Supports 130+ languages to make global businesses reach diverse audiences
  • Intuitive platform for creating and editing videos, with no need for advanced technical skills
  • Can be integrated with various marketing tools and platforms to enable seamless content distribution


Synthesia is a paid tool with three plans: Starter at $22/month, Creator at $67/month, and Enterprise at custom pricing.

Synthesia price


Out of many AI tools, Drift, Algolia, Image to Text Converter, Copy.ai, and Synthesia are the best ones to help eCommerce businesses speed up and optimize their operation.

First of all, Drift can be integrated into the eCommerce platform to improve customer engagement. It uses advanced human-like 24/7 AI chatbots and follow-ups to communicate with customers.

Algolia uses advanced filtering options to optimize website search and deliver fast, accurate search results. The Image to Text Converter can extract text automatically to perform data entry without errors.

Copy.ai generates content in 95+ languages. It can be used to write product descriptions, blog posts, and more. Lastly, Synthesia creates videos from text scripts with realistic AI avatars in 130+ languages for marketing purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can AI be used in eCommerce?

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be used in eCommerce for various purposes, such as:

  1. Analyze customers
  2. Performance tracking
  3. Customize marketing campaigns
  4. Conversion optimization
  5. Customer services
  6. And more

2. Which AI tool should you choose for your store?

AI tools you should use in an eCommerce store must not disrupt existing workflows; instead, they should improve business performance. That said, consider factors like type, budget, features, and functionalities to choose one.

3. Are AI tools expensive for small eCommerce businesses?

It depends on the tool. While many AI tools are free to use or have a free plan with limited features, many AI tools come with a hefty price. Still, we suggest you start with the free plan or buy the most affordable plan to start with.

4. What about the security of AI tools for eCommerce?

Most of the AI tools are designed, considering the safety and security of the tool. Still, it is better to read the customer reviews regarding the security of the tool you are interested in. Go for it if existing customers are happy.

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