Quoting, Sourcing and Linking: A word for all bloggers

I remember working on this not too long ago. It’s perplexing when you take a look around the digital industry and I see a lot of writers constantly nitpicking through their writings. Remember the better days of formal academic research? When everything we wrote in our thesis was always checked…....
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Turn of the year! Marketing with a blog and design

Marketing campaigns; we can’t live without them and they make our lives from turning into monotonous pieces. I am looking at the turn of the year for a good purpose though because with every new turn we give ourselves room and opportunities to grow. Even with development of functioning websites,…....
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Aesthetic vs Conversion Focused Design [Infographic]

What works for SEO may not work for an outrageously exquisite design, it’s pretty much like left brain, right brain conflict. No denying the fact that an SEO-oriented website should contain good design structure, but there are some places where both ends clash. Let me give an example, you can’t….... Continue Reading

Responsive Nationbuilder Themes – Get the Custom look

Are you looking for a custom Nationbuilder responsive theme? Great, we have great options for you. Over the past 5 years we have built over 10+ custom layouts that we have converted into unique templates for everyone. We are currently offering different packages. 1) Custom Responsive Template Theme - $500….... Continue Reading

Gulp… For Easy Code Digestion

The idea behind object oriented programming was to introduce a coding methodology that could help in running the code in modules by dividing the execution paths. The basic difference between structured and modular code is that much of your code does not have to be initialized which can save system….... Continue Reading