What is Abandoned Cart Saver? How does it help in your Online Store?

Have you ever undergone a situation where you neither can place the order online nor get the ideas for proceeding further? Or what about a condition where users do visit the website, getting switched between the products and ending up purchasing not a single product? 

Well, all these cases come under one cap i.e., Abandoned Cart. Yes, it can surely stop customers doing this practice at online stores. It helps them purchasing better products at great prices.

According to Baymard.com, the eCommerce industry has observed that 26% of people rejected the complete transaction because of long and complex processes and 17% didn’t make the purchase because they don’t trust the website.

What is Abandoned Cart Saver? 

Abandoned Cart Saver saves that single customer leaving your online store without making any purchase. This cart saver, as its name suggests, saves the cart in an actual scenario. Abandoned Cart Saver sends an email reminder to the prospects who have left the cart without completing the purchase. And this reminder goes up to three times with some personalized coupon codes, using which a prospect can easily proceed for completing the purchase.

Well, there are certain factors to consider while figuring out the customers’ mindset and their state of mind while purchasing a particular product from a particular online store. This cart saving factor is one of them. 

Let’s have a glance on some customer scenarios where abandoning of cart happens frequently

Scenario 1:

There are quite a few customers who’ve made up their mind with some fixed choices for a particular sort of purchase and many of them don’t know what to purchase and from which store? 

We have two major aspects to share here:

  • UI/UX

In this case, a customer is likely to leave the cart without proceeding for the payment transaction. And it happens that some factors add up in customers’ viewpoint stating the lack of confidence in purchasing with the particular site as there are 40% of visitors who leave the website because of the poor UI/UX.

  • Promote the quality of product

The website owners should also increase their marketing efforts towards the quality of the product they keep. Because around 35% of the purchasers don’t have trust in the quality of the product and so end up abandoning the cart. 

Well, these sort of cases can be dealt with the abandoned cart saver system.

Here, taking a proper follow-up with an appropriate email template makes more sense to the customer about their final decision i.e., making a purchase. 

For example, offering a better price for the same product or showing some identical options that add value to the purchase or why it is important to purchase now?

This will help to enhance customers’ awareness about the purchase they are going to make. This is how they can give more thoughts to the item of purchase.

Scenario 2: 

A customer is highly interested in purchasing a product. 

Yes, it happens even if the customer/prospect is having an utter interest in making a purchase and yet miss to complete the process. 

In such a scenario, that single email reminder makes the goal accomplished. A customer would promptly click on the email and start looking for the product options and end up completing a purchase. 

Cumulatively, there would be thousands of customers doing the same thing and the merchant would get high success ratio for conversion in this regard.

This assumption is backed up by the survey done by Barclaycard about British Shoppers that they are abandoning the baskets almost £30 a month. This is cumulatively as much as £18bn lost in sales every year.

Scenario 3: 

A customer is having some issue with the payment gateways. 

First of all, it is highly recommended to use eCommerce platforms that have multiple and convenient payment gateways such as BigCommerce Development. It is observed that 6% of cart abandonment happens because of the lack of payment options. 

A customer looks for convenience while doing online shopping. So giving the most feasible payment options is a must. For this reason, choosing an appropriate payment gateway helps and increase the overall span of online buyers. Here the proactive nature of eCommerce platform would save the customer abandoning the cart and continue with the shopping experience. 

Understanding the system of Abandoned Cart Saver:

The frequency of sending an email to the customer should be scrutinized. The customer follow-up treatment should be followed equally and with decency. 

According to the abandoned cart saver system, an email that is sent after an hour gets more conversion and affirmative response. 

Also, emails being sent after 4 hours have a significant increase in response. And there are different responses for the emails being sent after 24 hours or 48 hours.

In general, emails being sent after 24 hours get great responses with good conversion ratio in comparison with that of the 48 hours interval.

Hence, it’s all about how advisable is it to deal with the abandoned cart saver. This path-breaking system of getting sales done is winning the votes from the big merchants. 

Converting visitors into Repetitive Customers – A Big How? 

Three Major Factors: 

  • Choosing eCommerce Technology

When a merchant opts for the online business, he needs to choose the best eCommerce platform. And if the chosen platform does not perform best in industry characteristics, it makes customers’ decisions abandoned. Choosing the right platform for building the eCommerce website matters 100%.  

When building an eCommerce website, any merchant should not believe in the things that seek more time consumption in development. Because eCommerce industry is a thing that requires a lot of marketing effort and time. If the development consumes a lot of time and not be open to initiating marketing efforts, the website would be lacking in the traffic, conversion traffic and so in the successful purchase being made. 

The prompt eCommerce technologies like custom BigCommerce Theme Development wins the battle here as compared to the technologies demanding efforts from scratch. 

  •  Not so complex Transaction Process

We all have experienced the transaction process of eCommerce platforms with different online shopping portals. Some have quick exposure to the purchase while some are still lagging in the payment gateways options. 

It is such an annoying process for the customer who wants to purchase right away with no complexities. Online shopping is designed and developed as the facilitated approach to help the customers save their time and make the deliveries and payment done on their behalf.     

So eCommerce merchants should take necessary steps in this regard. 

  • Establishing Trust 

Establishing trust is the next big thing when it comes to dealing with customers, especially when you don’t have a brick and mortar store and you are answering them via email or over the phone calls only. It’s a matter of trust, authenticity, and honesty. A customer is willing to pay for the product getting delivered after some days and without getting any tangible approach to it. 

So the eCommerce portals should take extra care for the customers in establishing the trust. And this can be done by giving the best quality of the product, decency in website design, functionalities and the simplest transaction processes. All this can be sorted by choosing smart eCommerce platforms and experienced eCommerce developers. 

A Happy Purchase & Complete transaction:

To cap it all, we can observe that abandoning the canceling process of payment makes an increase in sales. And so in the overall success ratio of conversion. BigCommerce Development Services has already developed this feature and it is breaking the paths in the eCommerce industry. 

So the future merchants should not be afraid of the shopping carts not getting a completion order but rather be smart in choosing eCommerce technology such as BigCommerce. 

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