Increase Your Social Presence with Social Discounts on OpenCart

Going viral is another form of marketing that can really increase your business.

If you are working on the OpenCart platform then you include this plugin in your next PSD Conversion.

Social Discounts

This lets people like your Facebook page, become a Google+ follower, or Twitter follower and you can give them a discount on the product they are thinking about buying.

People like discounts no matter how small it is.  Even it is $1 people will take it trust me.  This can grow your presence in the social media and get your name out to all the purchase.  This plugin costs only $25 to buy.

Grow Your Online Presence

Imagine 2 years from now you have like 500+ likes on facebook it will be a great selling point which will increase conversions and make you more money.  Social media is very powerful for building reputation and trust.  If people see their friends buying things then they might do the same!

The best thing about this is after you install this plugin your customers are doing the promotion for you.  Saves you money and time which you can use to find more ways to market and make more money.

We wanted to share this cool plugin for OpenCart that will increase your business.  If you enjoy this please share this with all your friends.  If you need any custom development for OpenCart you can email us and we will see if we can handle the project on our end!

Buy The Extension Here!

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