How Freelance Graphic Designers Can Make More Money

This blog goes out to all graphic designers that are having an issue trying to make money with their graphic design skills. If you are sitting here and not sure what kind of clients you can target this is perfect for you to read this and share it with all your friends.

Being a freelance graphic designer process does not mean you only have to create designs. You can be a one stop shop for your potential customers. If you are not sure what that means let me break it down for you.

You Can Offer Different Web Design Services

Web Design

You might say. I cannot build websites. I can only design them. Well that does not matter at all. If you can find a reputable outsourcing service at a great price then you can offer your potential customers great deals on all web design builds.

You Can Market To Businesses That Want To Sell Products Online.

This is actually our specialty at PSDCenter so this is why we mention this one first. If you go to any big web design firm and ask them to build you a Shopping Cart website they will charge you 3k – 5k. You might think that is a lot of money but this is reality and this is because a nice design on a good platform is not easy to do.

How do you do this?

1) Sell your customer on a design Price Range from 2k – 3k. You are already under the price range for a shopping cart website.

2) Build your design for a platform like OpenCart, Shopify, BigCommerce, or 3dcart.

3) Outsource your PSD to be converted to those platforms above

It is really that simple. Now the trick is you have to find a good reliable company so you can get the remote job done quick when it come to converting your PSD to your shopping cart of choice platform.

You Can Market To Bloggers


Shopping carts are great but maybe you are still not getting the volume you need. Maybe you have had a couple customers asking you to build a blog design.

Follow the same steps above. Blog designs you can market at a lot lower price range. You can offer your customers from 1k – 1.5k price range.

But How Can I Compete With Big Web Design Firms?

You are confused on how you can compete with these big companies. Brand yourself as a professional company. Do not sell yourself as a freelancer. Make yourself a corporate website that offers these services. Since you are a freelancer you can offer a great price. This will be your selling point. Do not lie and say you are a big company! If you do good work and can get the job done you are a company that people will need!

So hope this helps graphic designers have a little insight on how they can really turn their business from small to big!

If you need any help with any types of technology or conversions you can always talk to us at PSD Center!

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