How to make your eCommerce Homepage Design exceptionally engaging?

According to Webalive, the visitors who land on the homepage, 86% of them want information about the products/services. 64% of visitors expect to see the contact information and 52% of users want to know about the business. These figures carry utter importance while designing a homepage for an eCommerce website. 

A website’s homepage is the very first impression you create for your customers. It’s an impression about your business and a chance to win their trust in a fraction of second. An eCommerce store is where you represent your business of selling things online. Why should you lag behind with creativity and an impeccable impression? 

To reduce the bounce rate, having an exceptionally slick website is a must. Of course, you don’t want your traffic getting diverted to your competitor, right? Not just at giving great offers, but more priorly, designing a homepage that establishes trust in the very first sight and gaining a notable engagement is also crucial.

There are numerous eCommerce website designs and eCommerce themes, but to choose the one suitable among them is important. Especially when you are planning for homepage design of eCommerce website. 

To begin with the learning of how should be your eCommerce homepage, do scroll down the page.

Let’s make your homepage design engaging!

What to consider? 

It is wise if you can visualize customer’s thought process while selling the things i.e., you are a seller but can envision what customers demand and how it feels to be? 

The same thing implies when you are planning for eCommerce website design and its homepage layout. Put yourself in the customers’ shoes and think about what else you can consider while visiting a website for the first time or even 100th? 

Simultaneously, keep your goals according to how you want visitors’ navigation on the website? 

  • What should be the final goal of a visitor?
  • Does your homepage have a sufficient piece of information?
  • Does your homepage establish a trusted image?
  • Does your homepage establish a connection with the visitors? 

For the engaging homepage design, let’s note down the essentials first. 

Customer Pathway 

What to avoid? 

Putting non-required Links – a number of links happen to be at the homepage. Navigating a new visitor to different pages where he is no longer interested. It confuses him and ends up leaving the store. 

Complex Navigation – it is a mess for any visitor. A customer who comes to purchase online is looking for a rapid solution, a quick purchase and look for some good options he hasn’t seen before. Presenting him a set of complex navigation would spoil his interest in the store and would never consider visiting again. Here choosing the premium eCommerce themes will help to keep simple navigation. 

Is your site hooking up the eyes before a scroll? 

What do you think by the term before the scroll? It simply refers to the event when a visitor lands on the homepage and sees the picture/content without scrolling a single time i.e., above the fold content. 

Here’s the best example:  Wistia 

Create an impeccable impression in the viewer’s mind by above the fold content. This supports the rest of the site areas. This is the very first section that the viewers will hold on to and would decide whether to scroll more or is this the site where they can rely upon?


Taking up the HubSpot example would explain this practically. We can see how HubSpot has kept its tagline relatable with the background picture. Hubspot is winning the spot when it comes to having a neat look of website design.

To build up the trust as a classic and reliable platform, it is important to seize the attention and establish trustworthiness. Here the store owners can showcase product information in a way that heeds eyeballs and also mention how they are different in treating the customers? 

eCommerce portals can captivate their front page look using different ways. 

Who doesn’t like to hook up their eyes with a captivating front page? Of course, a good sense of using catchy headlines, meaningful subtitles, exclusive offers and epitomizing creativity can embellish the design. 

Visual glory

Psychologists say that people remember 20% of what they read and 37% of they visualize. Naturally, human minds are inclined to pictures and visual formats rather than plain text or static color. 

A very good example of visual glory:


Why not use this fact at its utmost extent? 

This can be a daunting task for inexperienced designers. But blending the right mixture of experienced eCommerce experts and the right eCommerce platform will do the task.  

Let’s have a look at the Skullcandy’s website. It gives the best viewing experience. The above the fold content of Skullcandy is so perfect that anyone would stop by to see and scroll. 

So the design should be out of the box, straight to the class and beyond the best imagery from the above the fold content to an entire homepage. 

Grabbed the attention! What’s Next? 

The ultimate goal of an eCommerce website is to get max conversions i.e., make the purchase process complete. Whenever a prospect lands on an eCommerce portal, she/he must feel affectionated about the store and its products. 

Now there must be a call-to-action. It increases the probability of conversion rate. The right placement should be right there at the homepage. Whenever a frontpage lags behind putting this, it lags in the conversion rate and so does in the business revenue. 

The homepage design that fails to show the call-to-action button makes customers confused about the decision. We have to show them what they can do with their choices and how they can proceed towards the ultimate shopping experience. 

A good example of CTA placing:


Here it’s a great way to tell customers about personalizing their look and browse their choices for shopping. The CTAs are nicely put by the shopping portal. 

CTA failure example: 


Here the placing of “Learn more” button is not visible in a way that a viewer compels himself to click. It’s small in size and not making any sort of anticipation to get clicked. So the wrong CTA is formed. 


Above mentioned are the ways to get along great with the homepage design of eCommerce stores. Online stores aiming for loyal customers should aim for better homepage design and its context. Try out the best in breed ways to make front-page design spectacular. All the best!

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