Freshbooks vs Harvest Vs Minterapp – Invoicing, Time Tracking Solution

If you are looking for a good time tracking/invoicing application we have three highly recommended online solutions for your business. If you are a small business and you need to have time sheets and also find out how much revenue you are making on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. Here it is. These three solutions are all great and we recommend you test all three out to find out which one is the easiest and user-friendly software to use.

We have compared Freshbooks VS Harvest VS Minterapp 

Info Freshbooks Harvest Minterapp
Company location (country) Canada USA USA
Built on (platform) Ruby on Rails Ruby on Rails
UI look-and-feel (10 = excellent) 6/10 8/10 7/10
Professional-looking invoices, estimates (10 = excellent) 6/10 9/10 8/10
Community involvement / corporate responsibility Excellent Excellent Excellent
import invoices No Freshbooks, Blinksale No
export invoices CSV PDF (download .zip) CSV
configurable tax types unlimited 2
LEDES 98B support No Yes
customize invoice number increment by #/letter increment by #, decimal recognition, include year, client id Yes
set default values (e.g. terms, summary) Yes Yes Yes
track invoice views Yes Yes Yes
recurring invoices Yes Yes Yes
automated reminders Yes Yes Yes
recurring automated reminders Yes Yes Yes
turn off reminders for a client Yes No No
multiple reminder messages up to 3 No No
late payment fees Yes No No
retainers No** Yes Yes (Partial Payments)
credit receipts Yes No Yes
invoice activity/history Yes Yes Yes
(recipient) view invoice on web Yes No Yes
attach PDF invoice to email No Yes Yes
multi-currency support Yes Yes Yes
dispute mechanism Yes No No
customizable email messages Yes Yes Yes
paper invoice (sent by mail) Yes (for a fee) No No
** Freshbooks offers credit receipts, which can be used quite effectively when dealing with retainers.
import clients CSV, vCard, Simply Accounting, Highrise, Google Apps Excel, CSV, Freshbooks, Blinksale Excel, CSV
export clients CSV Excel, CSV Excel, CSV
manage client contacts on-the-go (mobile) Yes No No
track sent emails Yes No No
disable late fees for a client Yes n/a No
set language Yes No No
email multiple clients Yes No No
archive clients Yes Yes Yes
one-click approval Yes Yes Yes
convert estimate to invoice Yes Yes Yes
brandable Yes Yes Yes
attach file to email No Yes Yes
print-friendly Yes Yes Yes
import expenses CSV, QBO, bank account, credit card CSV Yes
export expenses Excel, CSV Excel, CSV, PDF Excel, CSV
upload image of receipt from mobile app Yes Yes Yes
attach image to invoice Yes No Yes
editable categories Yes Yes Yes
billable / nonbillable status Yes Yes Yes
assign to client Yes No Yes
assign to project No Yes Yes
import time No CSV  No
export time Excel, CSV Excel, CSV Yes
timer Yes Yes No
timesheets Yes Yes Yes
track unbilled time Yes Yes Yes
multiple views Yes Yes Yes
round tracked time No Yes No
dashboard Yes Yes Yes
export formats for reports Excel, CSV Excel, CSV CSV
print-friendly Yes Yes  Yes
expose as read-only (e.g., for your accountant) Yes No
balance sheet Yes No No
expenses Yes Yes Yes
payments collected Yes No Yes
profit & loss Yes No No
tax Yes No Yes
compile receipts (images) No Yes No
accounts aging (accounts with past due amounts) Yes No Yes
revenue by client/staff Yes No No
time to pay  (how long, on average, it takes a client to pay) Yes No No
track time per client Yes Yes No
invoice details Yes Yes  Yes
item sales Yes No  Yes
revenue by client/staff Yes No  No
tasks invoiced Yes No  Yes
projected revenue Yes No  No
project budget No Yes  No
tracked time per project Yes Yes  Yes
Time tracking
per client No Yes  Yes
per project Yes Yes  Yes
per user Yes Yes  Yes
per team Yes No  No
per task Yes Yes  Yes
credit card payment options Freshbooks, PayPal, Stripe PayPal, Stripe Paypal, Stripe,
customizable thank you note Yes Yes Yes
request feedback on payment Yes No No
Plan structure per # clients per # users Unlimited Option Available
Free plan available? Yes Yes Yes
Paid plans price range $19.95 – $39.95 $12 – $99 $9.95 – $59.95
Transparency (clear and readily available info on services and pricing) i Yes Yes

Here are the three links to the different software’s you can try which can really help you streamline your business!

Time Tracking/Invoicing Applications

  1. Freshbooks
  2. Harvest
  3. Minterapp

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