13 Best Business Ideas For Teens for 2019


The idea that one needs to be an adult to start a business is a thing of the past. You’ll be surprised to hear that teens nowadays are dabbling in many entrepreneurial ventures.

Rather than struggle in the much competitive entry-level job market, they feel more comfortable starting their own business.

Numerous teens actually consider it a safer choice as they have many opportunities to experiment and learn. This also gives them the prospect of perfecting their business skills as a preparation for adult business life.

Many teens prove that they’ve great business ideas throughout their growing up years. Growth milestones clearly indicate that teens have an aptitude for going into the field of business.

Here are a few business ideas for teens to start up a business in 2019.

1. Tutoring for Academics    

If you are a good student and excel in a few subjects, you can consider setting up an academic tutoring business, for instance, building up an online math tutoring platform.

This will enable you to provide assistance to other students who are struggling with specific subjects.

This is a great way to start a business as you’ll be doing something you know very well. You’ll also be able to help out others while making good money if your business picks up.

You can choose specific areas for tutoring such as school subjects, college application exams, SATs, or other standardized tests.

2. Child Care Services

This is another great startup idea for teens. You can group together with friends and start a daycare service. This way you can choose job times that won’t conflict with your school schedule and other activities.

Babysitting is a great way to make money while offering a social service for parents who find it difficult to leave their children alone at home.

3. Handmade Craft Shop

If you are artsy and can craft handmade items at home, this can be a great business ideas for you. You can sell your homemade craft items on the internet or even take part in the local craft fairs.

In addition, you can also deal with bigger shops to have your handmade crafts to display and sell them at a price.  

4. Influencer for Social Media

Many teens are very active on social media and have a good follower base. They can consider options to work as influencers on social media. You can work with different brands and promote their products or services on social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram.

This works better if you have a strong online network. Brands will use your social marketing skills to reach out to the general public in terms of product and service promotion.  

You can also branch out into an email marketing agency if you have good copywriting skills also. 

5. YouTube Activity

Starting your own channel and gaining subscribers is a good way to earn revenue through Google-owned YouTube, and advertisements. You can promote different offers and products of brands and earn good money by doing so.

Starting your own podcast will be a great idea if you are good at creating audio content. Same marketing for different brands can be done through this podcast medium.

6. Cake Baking & Decoration

Chip into your culinary and creative side by starting your own cake baking business. There are many events and occasions where individuals can hire your services to bake them custom made cakes, and decorate them with a personal touch.   

7. Car Wash Service

This can be a very simple way to make quick money. All you need to do is get hired by clients to visit their place to wash and detail their cars. This does not involve investing much capital, although the returns can be pretty good if you can earn a solid customer base.

8. Errand Services

Opening up an errand service is also a simple means of starting a business by serving a local client base. You can offer a wide range of services to your customers such as doing the laundry, picking up groceries, doing the dishes, and dry cleaning.

9. Lawn and Garden Care

Simple business to start off as a teen is to provide lawn and gardening services to your local clients. You need to gather a few basic equipment & transportation, and as a result, you can take on orders from your neighbors to tend to their lawns and do their gardens.

10. Dog Walkers

Pet industry is booming these days. Almost every household is owning a pet and a lot of entrepreneurs have started online pet store to provide various products. As a teenager, you can explore that option, but there are simpler ways of getting business in this industry as well

Local clients who are dog owners can be an excellent source for good money. Dog walking services are on high demand now for people who don’t have the time to walk their dogs themselves. You can offer daily or scheduled weekly dog walking services.

11. House Sitters

Many homeowners who are constantly traveling for work or enjoying vacation can hire you to stay and look after their homes while they travel. You need to establish a trusted client base for this business and the payout can be pretty good depending on the clientele.

12. Computer Setup and Tech Support

If you’re tech-savvy and know your way around computer hardware, you can set up a system and start an after-sales service business. You can help clients in buying computers and setting them up to function properly.

You can also provide them after sales tech support services as well, either physically or over chat and phone.

11. Online Graphics Business

Utilizing your creative skills to make printable or online graphics content is a great way to make some money. You can sell them to customers on the internet as downloadable files.

12. Event Manager

Setting up and managing events is an efficient and profitable business for a startup. You need to have good coordination and people management skills as it’s going to require a lot of work to coordinate all the services together to plan the event.

Many people will be looking to hire services to plan and manage their events so it will require good communication skills as well to land the job.

13. Delivery Service

For this business, you will require a reliable mode of transport. Then you can deliver products to different locations on behalf of your clients. Offering reliable, on time and efficient delivery services will ensure that you build a regular loyal clientele. And for that a reliable E-Delivery platform will be required that can efficiently and effectively manage the etiquettes of delivery service.


Starting off young in your teens requires a lot of confidence and self-motivation. But if you can play your cards right, you can have just as successful a business as an adult.

Getting a good mentor who will guide you in the various stages is an added benefit, making your startup journey easier and smoother.

So just dive in and start a business venture in an area which you have good knowledge in and sweep in the profits.   

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