What is the future of JavaScript?

future of JavaScript

Which programming language comes to your mind when you hear the word “software”? We are very sure that JavaScript is among the top languages in your memory.

The chief reason behind its constant popularity is its vast usage.

Do you know what percentage of developers are using this language? According to Stack Overflow, a popular website used by developers to share their skills, JavaScript is used by 69.8%.

It is followed by HTML, CSS, SQL, Java etc. Here is the representation of their findings:

It is often remarked as a beginners’ language as it is quite easy to learn and execute.

This makes it the best friend with developers! As a business person, you don’t have to go with what developers prefer.

We want you to judge whether it’s really the optimum language for your custom software development project. One way to get a crystal clear image of reality is an analysis of languages used for websites.

Let’s check the insights!

One thing about JavaScript that is extremely popular is that it makes interactive web pages.

This front-end programming language is often confused with Java – a backend technology. You can find more information about this topic on the website of any Java development company.

In fact, for some people, front-end development means JavaScript development services. It is well-proved through statistics as well.

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According to the trends evaluated by W3Techs, JavaScript is the top-notch client-side programming language.

The latest trend was examined on 15 March 2019. Let’s have a look at the representation of their evaluation:

Since its inception in 1995, JavaScript has proved to be a dynamic language that has met the growing needs of custom web development services.

This has been possible with the introduction of constant developments and innovations in its every version.

No year in the past two decades has passed without JavaScript being the most used programming language. Anyone can predict the same in the future after reading the above statistics.

In this post, we are trying to forecast the future of JavaScript on the basis of trends and facts. We have come up with the following frameworks that we expect to shine brightly in the coming years for JavaScript:

Node.js: Bringing JavaScript to the server-side

Vue.js: Expected to rise more

Angular.js: Continual launch of newer versions

React.js: Constant increase in popularity

Let’s evaluate these points in detail:

Node.js: Bringing JavaScript to the server-side

Do you know which is the most used framework of JavaScript according to statistics? In a survey by stack overflow, which is a popular website for exchanging skills among developers, Node.js come up to be as the most popular framework.

Here is the chart of their findings:

Following Node.js, Angular and react were also on the top list of frameworks. The top three frameworks are leveraging JavaScript. But what makes Node.js top this list?

It has one plus point that enables it to outshine other frameworks.

Unlike, other runtimes on JavaScript, Node.js is highly developer-friendly as it enables to work on a single language on both sides, that is, the client-side and server-side.

Although JavaScript has always remained a front-end development language, Node.js has brought it to the back-end also.

It’s a complete stress reliever of Node.js software developers as they need to use only one language across all layers.

It would not be misleading to conclude that it has revolutionized JavaScript by introducing it to the server-side programming.

This is the chief reason behind its constant growth and development.

If you’re looking to harness the power of Node.js, consider hiring a skilled Node.js developer to maximize your project’s potential.

Vue.js: Expected to rise more

It is a progressing JavaScript framework that was launched five years ago. In a short time span, it has won the hearts of many JavaScript language developers.

According to a survey by Stateofjs, the frameworks were reviewed among various parameters.

Vue.js scored more than Angular when the developers were asked to vote for ‘use it, would use again. The chief reason behind its quick acceptance is the simplicity in learning this language because of its extreme clarity.

The components of this framework are a mixture of HTML and JavaScript.

It would not be wrong to conclude that this framework has taken the best from all other frameworks of JavaScript and eliminated their cons in its functioning.

Angular.js: Continual launch of newer versions

It is extremely popular in developing single page applications. It was developed and maintained by Google with new versions being introduced every few intervals.

From Angular to Angular 7, this framework has evolved a lot.

The continual launch of these versions has presented innovations in Angular.js programming services. The most beneficial feature of this framework is its ability of data synchronization.

This means that the view and model are synchronized. It reduces development time significantly. Although, the statistics say that the newer framework of JavaScript is more popular than Angular among developers.

It is also worth remembering that the long-term support period for the AngularJS framework ended on December 31, 2021.

It means that the development team will no longer support this technology. Therefore, many companies are considering AngularJS migration .

React.js: Constant increase in popularity

When the Facebook Ads app gained remarkable traffics, the company required people to run it perfectly. They faced certain problems with maintenance and codes.

This is when React.js came into being and was introduced proficiently to the market.

React is a JavaScript library that is mostly used by high-traffic sites.

According to the survey which analyzed the market position of reacting on 18 March’2019 by W3Techs, it was found out that it is popular among high traffic sites.

Here is a graphical representation of their findings:

Apart from Facebook, there are other popular sites that are using this framework of JavaScript like Glassdoor.com, BBC, Paypal, Netflix, etc.

Its potential is very well utilized by some big organizations because it makes creating interactive UIs a completely stress-free work.

Whenever the React.js application developers change their application data, React impeccably updates and manifests the correct components.

Looking at the statistics and market position, it does not seem that it will leave its popularity in recent times.

Final Words

Undoubtedly, the various frameworks have their own established markets which are constantly growing.

It might be possible that some frameworks fail in the near future and some see remarkable growth.

One thing which is certain is the existence of one or the other JavaScript framework in custom software development services.

There is no chance that JavaScript will lose its position as the most used language. The statistics and facts speak volumes about its bright future!

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