Readymade Theme v/s Custom Design

What is thin line of distinction between a Client and a Customer? After clearing this difference between the terminologies, you will get to know the significance of having superior website.

“Customer” is one who visits your store, makes the purchase. That’s it.

While, “Client” is your regular customer.

Maintaining a good repo with your client is a big deal. We always look for extended tenure relationships in order to increase the footfalls which lead to conversion of potential clients. Now the question is, should the business use Tailored Design or Readymade Theme for their website? Let’s quickly workout and make wise choice for our business.

Lime light on Readymade themes

Readymade Theme

You might have heard somewhere while studying Economics, “There is no FREE lunch”. Well that undoubtedly applies here. There are many themes which serves with a silver spoon without charging a single penny, but are they really worth? What happens if your competitor will also choose the same theme and put your valuable customers in dilemma about the quality you have served them till years. This creates a wrong impression on them which drives them to your competitors leaving you with only regrets at the end. The overall creditability build, vanishes at the blink of your eyes. It’s not only about the free themes you choose, same state of affairs might repeat with the paid themes.

Such circumstances leaves you with handful of alternatives to pick from. Let’s look upon the merits and demerits of Readymade themes.


  • There are no surprises, you pay for what you see
  • Helps you to quickly jump to start with online dealings. This leads to quick turnaround amongst your competitors.
  • If you are new to online business and having less capital, this serves you better at low cost
  • You don’t need to brush up your mind for new design, simply make your choice from variety of options.
  • You get variety of options to choose from themes and the additional functionality they have.


  • Variety of functions can be a drawback as it confuses the customer and end up with wrong enable/disable function which ultimately leads to unsatisfied customer.
  • Quality of code is not always optimized to suit your business needs.
  • The biggest drawback is, junk codes. It will result in low loading speed hampering the speed of your website.
  • Developer might get screwed at the time of re-coding the same theme again.

There are many pros and cons for using the ready-made themes. One thing is quite logical, there is nothing to lose since the beautiful templates are quite affordable. You can simply get started with web templates

The command of Tailored Design

Custom Design

Word “Custom” entails that the customer knows more than a web designer. The first and the foremost advantage is your website will rank well in Search Engines. Custom websites ensures confidence in customers, that you are clever enough to append features which are essential for your clients. You get absolute control that the website is truly “YOURS”.
There is a tendency in human beings, they will remember you for years if their eyes scan something unique. Creating a customized theme helps you to voice your differences, concerns and preferences. The quality of the Tailored Design is great. You get sophisticated design along with the professional services. It gives you perfect branding and personality to take a step ahead in tough competitions. Stay ahead with Custom eCommerce Design


  • Custom Design helps you to create unique brand in the market.
  • Once you invest your valuable time prior to the launch of your website, there is no need to update in short span of your business.
  • As you are the part of process, you get what you demand.
  • Benefit of getting corporate uniqueness.
  • It serves as an property/asset in online trade.


  • Custom Design is bit expensive, varying on the number of pages you want to have in your website.
  • Consumes more time as it requires lot of research prior to development of the website.
  • There are users who do not care for custom.
  • As an owner you will be in complete dilemma, about “how your website will be” until the design is finished.

As we all know, “Nothing interesting, is ever completely one-sided“. A Custom eCommerce Design costs you more, but it will help you in building corporate uniqueness. This results in fare ROI(Return on Investment). On the other side you can download Readymade Themes and create a new design from it by making certain modifications in it. Professionals believe that there should be flexibility in the design of website. Which can be changed whenever required. This is only possible with custom design. If you wish to have attractive website and want more spectators, get a custom design. Hire excellent web designers to get the work started.

Remember! You don’t need a thousand pages website, just a straightforward site that tells people about your business will be sufficient. One thing we need to focus is, “After sales service“. Nobody will appreciate if you serve them stale food in gold plate. Check out more on Custom Designs

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