Design: To Blog Or Not To Blog

I do not know what the market perspective on blogging is and I do not know what that even means. Since when did blogging required an internet referendum on whether it should continue or not. So imagine my surprise when I hear a few marketers talking about why blogging might be better if left alone and not indulged with because of the advance of the newer brands of technology. Which is amusing and bemusing to hear all at the same time, because whilst a marketer would realize the value of written content, it would altogether be a bad business strategy to do away with blogs?

Think it over in these terms; your blog is possibly the most uninterrupted tool you have at your disposal for marketing about your brand, your services and your expertise. And you carry all of that with you in an expansive manner when you embrace what blogging is all about. But from a marketing perspective it is all that and lots of opportunities. Opportunities to bring newer audiences to your brand, build relations with similar businesses and even competitors and build your own expertise at your own game. Are all of those things important? Well yes. You want more business to find you so ultimately skill, strategy and relations all play an integral part.

Build relations

Let’s have a thought experiment: you write 5 posts on the relevance of wordpress and website conversions. You write about its services, you write about its newer plugins and you basically elucidate in detail as to why wordpress might be the best for website creation in the last two years. All different topics and all different perspectives really, the difference is that the plugin post might be liked and followed by a developer from a company that makes websites of its own. The tips on content formalization might be followed by someone who is running another blog, and all five posts might be followed by designers and developers working within the wordpress regimes too.

Why is that good? Because now all of those professionals know that you are on the market radar and what’s more? They recognize your expertise. That is what a facebook like or share or a tweet over here signifies. And remember, this post was uninterrupted, so they arrived at your page whilst looking for something and they found this. Was it their original purpose? Well that depends on how designed the page but in either case your content has been deemed as likable and that holds too many possibilities for your business.

Carry forth your perspective

I am doing that with this post right here. Im here telling you that flashy websites with responsive art and widgets are an excellent theme. But without a good content strategy, that site loses its market potential. Where does a blog come in? The blog basically does the augmentation job in reestablishing exactly what your expertise is in a relevant field of interest. So not only do you have to outline standards you get to carry forward what you believe is the best or optimal paths to take in certain strategies.

So again Im here telling you all that blogging is far from dead as a marketing strategy and it certainly is very much alive in terms of being a reader’s favourite.

Google’s thumb of approval

This is not my favourite reason but it is a vital reason nonetheless. Google’s ranking is something is still widely chased and is considered as noteworthy by all Inbound practitioners today. A good blogging strategy one that follows up on the audience needs has a very good chance of making it big in the ranking scheme of Google. This ultimately means that your website or blog gets a lot more audience in its online time. Because Google still primarily ranks all the pages within it by the relevancy of the content they contain. So the more in depth and relevant your blog is to the search, the higher the chance of your site’s page scoring in the higher ranks of Google.

As an all round strategy, a constructive and carefully posted blog can keep one up to date as well with the latest happenings in one’s own profession. The comments sections in your blog can also further that cause. But all in all, it just keeps your professional portfolio be expansive and it does the marketing for you in a very “Inbound” and subtle manner.

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