4 Quick E-Commerce Ideas For Your New And Existing Online Retail Store


The year is almost coming to an end and from the e-commerce and online retailer’s perspective, this was a crazy year. Google algorithm update, minimal design and a lot of other buzz in the industry actually forced online retailers to get out of their comfort zone and try different stuff; these changes as a whole changed the way people will be retailing in 2015.

If you are in the online retail business or planning to start a store online, there are a few tips and ideas that you should consider implementing on your website in order to continue selling in 2015.

– Minimal Web Design

According to Cameron Chapman of Smashing Magazine, minimalism is achieved by reducing a design to only the most essential elements. Minimal a.k.a Flat Design is the latest boom in the web design industry. There are two major factors. Firstly, this increases the overall page load time of the website. And secondly, it attracts the attention of the audience which makes it easy for them to browse through the website.

Smashing Magazine did a detailed post on the principle of Minimal design with examples – do check this link out, and plan what you can implement on your ecommerce store in the coming year.

– Clean and easy Checkout Process

One of the major aspects that every retail business should consider re-evaluating in the new year is a clean and clear checkout process. The online retail industry is getting crowded and this trend is going to continue in the coming years. If your checkout process will be long or difficult, you will see people bouncing off from your cart.

Smart Insight has lots of free resources that can help you understand how to create a clear navigation path that allows your website audience to move from the category page to the product page and then seamlessly take them to a successful checkout conversion.

– Authentic Link Profile

No ecommerce website can survive and produce sales without powerful SEO to back it up and one of the significantly important parts of the SEO campaign is link building. Building links is important but unfortunately most people in the SEO community are doing it wrong!

If any SEO company is building links for you, make sure they are building quality links and in case you are building links for yourself, here is a quick guide to build quality links for your website.

– SEO friendly Coding

SEO is not limited to link building only, but the code should be clean and easy to understand for users as well as for search engines. This means that URLs should be clean of special characters; the website page should be easily crawlable and canonical tags should be properly set up.

We at PSDCenter offer SEO friendly ecommerce website development on big commerce and other ecommerce platforms. Upload the PSD and we will give you a ready to use website within days.

There are lots of other ideas but the ideas given above are more important for you to consider. If you are planning to start a new ecommerce store, let us know and we will help you get one within days at economical prices.

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