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If you are a start up business or a huge business it is important to keep your brand management up to par on the internet. The point of this is to legitimize yourself as a business and show your web presence. This is especially important for small start up businesses.

It is important for all businesses to be on top of all their social media outlets.

Top Social Media Outlets

Facebook is a very powerful feature. You can connect with people at a very personal level. Sometimes this is not the most professional method but using this as a way to market your company and give yourself a great social presence is very important.

Twitter is very powerful as you can connect with people in a more professional matter. You can follow related businesses in your industry and they can follow you as well giving each other useful information.

LinkedIn is very powerful when it comes to meeting people professionally. It like an online portal of resumes. You can recruit potential prospects for your company by people searching for your company or by you going out and recruiting people you want.

Why Social Media Branding is Important

After all these basics of how you can use social media, it is important for your business presence on the web. When someone is searching your company on the internet they will search for your company name on the search engines. How nice would it be to show up on the top 4 listings on google as below.

The last thing you want as a business is for someone to hijack your social media name and using it maliciously or for their own promotion. This can hurt your business. This is why it is very important to claim all your social media networks and keep them up to date to keep your reputation strong.

This shows companies you are very relevant and gives companies the opportunity to look into how you interact with the public.

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