9 Built-in Features of BigCommerce For Conversion Rate Optimization [CRO]

BigCommerce Features - Conversion Rate Optimization [CRO]

According to Yotpo, an average of 3.28% of eCommerce platform visitors convert across industries and perform the desired action, Purchase. It is true that the conversion rate varies from industry to industry, but there are certain features that can help you to lift up the conversion rate of your eCommerce, irrespective of the product or niche.

Here, we are discussing 9 built-in features from BigCommerce, that can help you with your eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization (eCommerce CRO).

    1. Reduce Cart Abandonment by 15% with Customized Emails
    1. Checkout Process Simplification
    1. Built-in features for Coupons and Discounts
    1. Faceted Search
    1. Product Reviews Matters, More Than You Think!
    1. Homepage Carousel for Promotion
    1. Product Comparison
    1. Wishlist and Recently Viewed Products
  1. Live Chat Integration

1. Reduce Cart Abandonment by 15% with Customized Emails

According to Baymard Institute, based on 37 studies, 69.23% is the average cart abandonment rate in eCommerce. And the major reason behind such huge cart abandonment is extra cost like shipping, tax, or additional fees.

With a built-in feature of BigCommerce, you can send a chain of personalized emails which eventually reduce 15% of the total cart abandonment.

You can offer various coupons or deals to encourage passive buyers to complete the purchase cycle.

With these series of personalized emails, merchants have witnessed up to 50% growth in revenue. This is one of the tried & tested ways for eCommerce conversion rate optimization.

Other than that, you can create and share a social wall with visually appealing content and authentic user-generated content, as this can help the viewer to trust you and make an informed purchase decision.

2. Checkout Process Simplification

By simplifying checkout process significant improvement has been observed in eCommerce CRO. Let’s get to some facts.

28% of the cart abandonment take place because the checkout or payment process is too long or complicated. That’s definitely a heavy loss!

BigCommerce provides default integration with PayPal One Touch which makes the payment process extremely easy. So, 1 out 4 passive buyers will not abandon cart when you’ll integrate such a speedy payment gateway.

Other BigCommerce feature like faster account creation, simplified mobile purchase cycle and dedicated SSL support can increase the conversion rate by 12%.  

You should also keep blind customers in mind (who have a hard time engaging with forms) by integrating with a BigCommerce accessibility tool.

3. Built-in features for Coupons and Discounts

Coupons and discounts are important. It has become so much crucial that around 30% of the total US Coupon users have installed dedicated apps to receive additional offers. Most of the sites are promoting coupon code on the homepage, have a look at the “thedablab.com”.

Conversion Rate Optimization CRO

Coupons and discount are the highest influencing factors that motivate passive buyers to complete the purchase cycle. With BigCommerce, you get 70+ built-in discount options, and that eliminates the need for a third party app. Now, that’s a clear way to eCommerce conversion rate optimization.

4. Faceted Search

What if I want a Red Adidas Sneakers for men with size 12 between $400 – $500? Yes, buyers do come with specific choices, and ‘Faceted Search’ is for those buyers. With tools like Sort and Filter, buyers narrow down some choices, but the faceted search is very specific. Take a look:

Faceted Search - BigOCmmerce Features for Conversion Rate Optimization [CRO] BigCommerce offers the built-in feature of faceted search where products can be filtered very specifically. Majority of platforms have chosen BigCommerce Themes where the faceted search is extremely effective and lifted the conversion rate by 10%.

In simpler terms, if visitors can find easily what they are looking for, there are pretty good chances your eCommerce conversion rate will improve.

5. Product Reviews Matters, More Than You Think!

UGC, better call User-generated Content like reviews, ratings, comments, Q&A, etc. has become an essential part of eCommerce purchase today. On an average, 32.20% of the total visitors check out reviews and other UGC. Surprisingly, 5.65% of the visitors checking reviews are converted into customers.

Digging a little deeper, only 2.16% of the visitors who did not interact with product reviews are converted into customers, pretty low. To sum up, product reviews and other UGC video content can give you up to 160% of revenue growth, and in some niches like apparels or food, it is more than 200%.

With BigCommerce’s built-in feature, you ask your customers for product review via email, on website, notification, etc. User reviews motivate other visitors to buy your product, and BigCommerce offers multiple channels to collect user reviews.

Product reviews are very helpful for SEO as well. More the users will write about that product, more content regarding that product is produced. Hence, the chances of ranking in search engine increase too. Adding product reviews in the product pages can surely give a room for eCommerce conversion rate optimization.

6. Homepage Carousel for Promotion

Check any online apparel store, you’ll find a sliding carousel showing different offers. According to a survey, a visitor will leave the website within 59 seconds, unless you got their attention.

There has been a lot of debate on the timing of the rotation, but that doesn’t change the fact that homepage carousels aren’t effective. With the right timing of rotation and right banners, it has shown significant improvements in the sales.

BigCommerce offers homepage carousel as its built-in feature. Check out this Barcelona Barcelona Premium BigCommerce theme Theme from PSDCenter for an instance. It is one of our highest performing product, and the response is outstanding. This is what one of our customers has to say about this theme:

“I purchased a BigCommerce Theme (Barcelona) from PSDCenter and I am very impressed with the quality and how well it works utilizing all the features that the Big Commerce Platform offers. The customer service is incredible and they will help you accomplish whatever you desire for your website.”

7. Product Comparison

Whether I should go for iPhone 8 or Samsung Galaxy?

We have all been there.

As a buyer, anyone would love to compare two products to clear the air of confusion. When the attributes are compared on the same page, it gives a better idea to the buyer to make the right choice. Have a look:

Product Comparison in Ecommerce - BigCommerce Built-in Features- Conversion Rate Optimization [CRO]BigCommerce offers this as its built-in feature, and a majority of the eCommerce platforms have adopted this idea.

8. Wishlist and Recently Viewed Products

The eCommerce buying cycle consists of 6 steps starting from web visitor to purchase followed by Loyalty. In this cycle, a very few would purchase the product on the first run. A majority of passive buyers go through a long research and then decide to go for the purchase decision.

In such scenario, returning visitors would love to see their viewing history. BigCommerce built-in features like “Wishlist” and “Recently Viewed Products” help visitors to have a look at the product that they have already search for or liked.

Wishlist is the feature that allows users to like a product and save it for the future purchase. Platforms can send personalized emails to customers based on the wishlist and improve sales.

“Recently Viewed Products” feature saves a lot of time as the returning visitor doesn’t have to search the same product again and again.

9. Live Chat Integration

According to a statistic from Intute, Live Chat Integration can increase your sales by 211%. Apart from engaging with your potential customers, you also set goals, track sales, analyze sales, set up campaigns for potential buyers, etc.

BigCommerce allows integrating Live Chat Apps with your eCommerce Platform as its default feature.


These are the proven tools for eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization, and the best part is they all come up as built-in features of BigCommerce. Let us know if you have more ideas for improving eCommerce CRO. Put your thoughts in the comment section below, and we will be happy to discuss!


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