7 Fascinating Features Of All New ‘3dcart Version 8’

3dcart Version 8

As the eCommerce space continues to grow beyond expectations with every passing year, 3dcart continues to enthrall its merchants. The all-new Version 8 of 3dcart manages to make itself even better and positions as the one-stop eCommerce platform for anyone hoping to build a stellar online store without worrying too much about the tech side. And why would you worry when the latest 3dcart does it all for you.

So let’s take a look at some of the best features, improvements, and integrations that the 3dcart Version 8 has to offer, and how these will help you improve your online store’s performance.

1. Prepare To Dazzle both Customers and Google with a Faster Loading Speed

It’s 2019, and the speed is everything. With the multitude of options available while shopping online, ain’t nobody got time for a website that is still loading even as this sentence comes to an end. With the Version 8, 3dcart had released a robust, more powerful Core Template Engine. This new engine ensures that even the richest theme load quickly. The new templates load JavaScript and CSS assets closer to the end of the page, causing the page to load substantially faster than before.

Moreover, the theme developers can decide which elements will load before than others, thus maintaining the site’s aesthetics and loading the key features faster, keeping the customers engaged throughout. The result is a page that comes on instantly, gratifying the customers and providing vital details, even as the other assets load in the background and become visible in a few seconds.

The quick loading will also get your site a higher ranking in SERPs as it’s now clearly established that Google has a preference for faster loading sites.

2. Improved Layouts

When it comes to customer-facing UI, developers are constantly at war. No change for a long time makes the website look stale. Too many changes and the customers feel overwhelmed and out of their comfort zone. Striking a perfect balance with gentle layout improvements is crucial to the success of an online store.

The new Core Template Engine takes care of that by introducing an optimized, more user-friendly layout. Everything from the product pages to the cart and checkout flow has been updated to offer better user experience without affecting the customers’ comfort. The product grid is more responsive and the overall layout is much more conducive for higher conVersions.

3dcart Themes

3. Improved Functionality with AJAX

The new Version of 3dcart now offers dramatically improved functionality, thanks to AJAX. As we know, AJAX facilitated a single-page application style interface on eCommerce websites, allowing customers to view product details, add to cart, review products and do a lot more without having to repeatedly reload the page or leave the existing page and open in a new one. With AJAX, any details requested can open it expand within the same page, keeping the experience more coherent and user-friendly. The pages are highly responsive and offer a better user experience.

4. More Freedom with Design

3dcart has always made a point to take feedback and fulfill expectations. With the new Version 8, 3dcart has once again implemented some features that were long requested by theme designers. It now supports drop-down menus for categories with subcategories and Code Blocks like global_footer and social_icons. Also, the star ratings that were earlier in image form required designers to create tedious graphics for partial stars. Now the star ratings appear as icons eliminating the hard work.

The new Version also provides designers a lot more flexibility and control. With the help of flexible Code Blocks and Variables, front-end developers have much more customization power.

The new Version also allows you to place the Buy button anywhere you like, on any website that allows you to edit HTML and JavaScript. Thanks to the 3dcart frontend API, you can now embed products into your emails too.

5. More Ways to Pay

With mobile wallets becoming a way of life and customer preferences varying immensely, payment options need to be widened for eCommerce to thrive. To that end, 3dcart now integrates with far more payment avenues, including the likes of Apple Pay, Square, zipPay, Factor4Gift, CenPOS, Sage Payments, WorldPay SecureNet, and Authorize.Net.

6. Many more Built-In Modules

Built-in modules make life easier for eCommerce merchants and site developers. 3dcart Version 8 introduces a number of new built-in modules that help you create more powerful shopping experiences. Some of the best modules include pre-orders, customer loyalty rewards system, product reviews, Facebook shop tab, Google reviews, Captcha and many more.

7. Powerful SEO Capabilities

3dcart only gets better as the most SEO friendly eCommerce platform out there. The new Version boasts even snazzier features including accelerating mobile pages or AMP for products, enhanced mobile compatibility, custom page URLs for products, PageSpeed optimization, unlimited content pages, dynamic and fully customizable canonical, H1 and Alt tags, XML Sitemap, Schema.org Structure Data and a whole lot more.


The new improvements in the latest Version of 3dcart go on to make eCommerce that much more convenient for shoppers and sellers alike. Website developers have more control over their design along with dramatic improvements in site performance. Sites developed with 3dcart are now even more SEO and mobile friendly and customers have a great user experience to look forward to.

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