10 Best Wix Marketing Tools

Wix is an online service that allows you to design and create a professional website.

It offers many different features, such as eCommerce tools for selling your products on the internet – Social media integration so you can share photos and videos of your product with friends and followers.

Wix also has analytics so you can track which pages are getting the most traffic. 

OSI Affiliate Software

Saving time and money is the goal of many, though not all, businesses.

Often referred to as operational efficiencies or TCO (total costs of ownership), reducing costs can be done by investing in various software types.

OSI Affiliate Software is one such software that is worth the investment.

Offline retailers may use this type of program to manage their affiliates or find new affiliate business; online sellers typically use it to increase their revenue by adding a referral program to their sites.

These referral links go back to their website which always generates higher margins than products like plugins.

The software is a powerful marketing package that delivers rapid scalability to your business. The system is designed for affiliates and marketers to manage their affiliate links and everything in-between. 

Consumer Marketing Platform

Consumer marketing platforms help marketers increase their customer base by strategically distributing accurate and relevant content within the digital space.

The number of different marketing platforms available on the market can be confusing, so it’s essential to know which platform is best for you before investing your time and money into developing or managing creative assets online. 

Webpower marketing automation

Webpower™ is a human-powered marketing and sales automation service. It keeps your brand, social, and customer automation coherent and accountable by harnessing the power of cloud computing technology to automate many of the tasks necessary to grow a successful online business.

They offer affordable packages for both brands that are new to social media and those that need an expert human marketing resource for their existing program.

No matter what stage your business is in, Webpower has tools to help you market better, faster, and wiser! 

Site Visitor Match

Site Visitor Match is a marketing tool that gets potential customers onto your website. When they are on the site, there are targeted ads for customers’ products.

This way, you can increase your sales without paying more for advertising. 

By matching up your existing site visitors to new products like Drum Set Lab that will tempt them to place an order with just one click, Site Visitor Match retains web traffic by showing relevant offers at the right time and using personalized banners that speak directly to an individual’s interests or lifestyle choices. 

Marketing 360

Marketing 360 builds a cohesive marketing strategy from the ground up by linking all of your social media accounts together with offline efforts to form an extensive framework.

It offers you an intuitive dashboard for campaign data and analytics, SEO rankings, press monitoring and benchmarking against competitors, keyword research insights across various search engines, page previews on Google Maps, and active competitive campaigns targeting specific industry/keywords. It helps keep your advertising efforts highly focused without being too granular.

GoDaddy Email Marketing

GoDaddy Email Marketing is a tool that helps you manage email campaigns and promotions for your website.

It provides a dedicated inbox with unlimited storage capacity, enabling you to send emails without worrying about the recipient’s spam folder.

Allows you to send personalized emails with an autoresponder function (i.e., when someone opts in on your form, they’ll be subscribed to your mailing list; after each contact submission, their contact information goes into an outgoing message stored in the corresponding Campaign).

It also supports up to 10,000 subscribers per month. It also provides customizable thank-you pages and registration forms.


CoSchedule is a marketing automation and content creation tool that helps you create, manage, and measure your online marketing.

CoSchedule provides users the sync tools to import content from Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks and create a shareable customized graphic design for social sharing to help increase engagement.

It also has collaborating tools that allow team members to work on content simultaneously to get projects completed more quickly.

It also has monitoring tools that provide real-time statistics about specific blog posts or entire websites so individuals can better monitor their work while engaging with their audience through analytics such as shares and likes on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.


Pangeo is a new, seamless way to create and manage websites from Wix. Where you used to use different applications for design, marketing, etc., Pangeo provides all these features in one centralized location. It also connects with other apps like Google Drive and Mail Chimp, so you can edit everything from one place without having to bounce between different tabs. 

Pangeo provides unified website management through channels such as One Designs, One Marketing, and One Analytics – all within a single mobile application designed for simplicity. 

Plan Lab

Plan Lab is one of the Wix Marketing Tools that provides you with all the tools, assets, and services to create your website – hassle-free.

Plan Lab will get everything done for you. You don’t have to worry about anything! With their easy-to-use interface, they make creating your site fun too! One of the best parts is it comes ready-made with SSL encryption which encrypts your data transfer so that no one else can see what you’re up to.

As you can see, The Best Wix Marketing Tools are the best possible way to jumpstart your business online effortlessly. Comment below which software you will prefer.

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