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    Rufino: Website for finest leather collars for dogs launched

    Rufino: Website for finest leather dog collars launched

    PSDCenter assists the variety of product categories to be showcased in a unique window. Among all the marvelous website designs, Rufino is distinctive. It is for cute lil puppies to walk away in style with elegant collars. PSDCenter dedicates these lines to adorable dogs who will wear these finest collars.

    Black, White or Brown

    Thick, Thin or Furry

    Swift as the Breeze

    Always in a hurry

    We love you,

    Dear, Scurry Furball

    Search for the right dog collar is no longer a big hassle. At Rufino store, you will find the finest leather dog collars made with love for your pet. If you are searching for specific belts that are classic, Rufino is the right choice for you. Classic collars focus on refined color combination along with gold plated hardware. It’s signature metallic gold interior shines magnificently in sunlight.

    The stitched collars are latest that gives a perfect modern look. These collars attribute continuous filament yarn which is waxed for optimum strength. Whereas the collars under Sons of Ra are so captivating. They are fabricated from fine leather that comes from leading leather suppliers worldwide, established tannery in Sydney, Australia. These collars include acid wash, tints, and prints beautified with gold plated hardware. Best stylish dog collars, lets your dog move out in perfect personality.

    Behind such lavish products, the brands that have undergone a test are Crep protect and Collanil. Then follows the selection based on grade, type, and color for crafting incomparable collars and get assembled with extra assistance between two of their creative studios based in Sydney, Australia, and Jakarta, Indonesia. These collars are further unified at their third studio which is based in New York City.

    Give ‘A Grade Products’ to your devoted pet who deserves only the best. Rufino understands traditional artisanal leather techniques over 50 years. They are Aussie and uses Australian Leathers.

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