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    BigCommerce Design Awards 2018 Finalist – Koi Computers

    Case Study: Finalist of BigCommerce Design Awards 2018 & PSDCenter

    About Koi Computers

    Koi Computers is the provider of premium IT products and solutions from Lombard, the US. It is active for the last 20 years by providing High Performance Computing (HPC) and storage solutions to provide better IT solutions to their customers. Here are the products & solutions offered by Koi Computers.


    • Servers
    • Storage Servers
    • Workstations


    • AI Deep Learning
    • High Performance Computing
    • Education
    • Visualization-Rendering


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    Handshake Of PSDCenter & Koi Computers

    Koi Computers was generating inquiries through offline sources, but they decided to elevate into the online market to expand their business. Although they started their online presence with BigCommerce Blueprint, the results were not satisfying. Then, Koi Computers connected with us to find solutions for the issues they were facing regarding online inquiries.

    Our entire project consisted migrating from BigCommerce Blueprint to BigCommerce Stencil with some custom designing & developments. Let’s have a detailed look at the project.

    Project Overview

    Designing and BigCommerce Development of Koi Computers online store took us around 2 months of time. We delivered a new home page, product pages, category pages, and various other landing pages. The entire process of migrating from BigCommerce Blueprint to Stencil with designing high-quality graphics took us about 400 hours.


    Koi Computers wanted their online store entirely revamped to offer better customer experience to their visitors. They wanted to make the check-out process a bit simpler so that the customers can enjoy stress-free shopping. Also, they required an effortless online store where customers can browse through products and connect with Koi Computers team easily.

    Let’s have a look at the solutions PSDCenter provided to Koi Computers in detail.

    Solutions We Offered

    We chose BigCommerce Cornerstone Theme to start off as the base. In the process, we made customization on the homepage, category pages, product pages, and checkout pages in terms of functionality and design.


    Case Study: Finalist of BigCommerce Design Awards 2018 & PSDCenter

    The homepage has a high-quality video running in the background with a slide button to shift to the next screen. There’s a premium accordion slider in the second screen which displays brands that Koi Computers work with.

    Case Study: Finalist of BigCommerce Design Awards 2018 & PSDCenterThere is a category search on the homepage that serves to the apex level for the customers who are looking for specific products. The advanced category search on the homepage makes the buying process shorter and easier as users can filter products and make a quick decision.

    Category Pages & Comparison Page

    Category pages are well-designed and offer functionalities to make the buying process more refined. Customers can sort products using 9 kinds of filters and sortings like – by price, by featured products, by reviews, etc.

    Customers can see the products in list view and grid view both. This is not the default feature offered by BigCommerce, we developed this feature according to client’s need. Have a look:

    Case Study: Finalist of BigCommerce Design Awards 2018 & PSDCenter

    Case Study: Finalist of BigCommerce Design Awards 2018 & PSDCenterFrom category page, a visitor can directly add products into comparison page where properties of two products can be easily compared. This helps customers in making an informed decision while making a purchase.

    Case Study: Finalist of BigCommerce Design Awards 2018 & PSDCenterProduct Pages

    Product pages are well-designed and offer ease in the purchase process. Every page has product pictures with product specification content and warranty details. There’s enough room to mention every detail about the product and this content can be beneficial in organic rankings as well.

    Every product page offers dual functionality to order, compare, and quote request.  We designed a bottom sticky footer in product detail pages to make the purchase process easier.

    Case Study: Finalist of BigCommerce Design Awards 2018 & PSDCenterCustomers can ask for quotes directly from the product page itself. We designed a quote form where customers can order the products in bulk or make an inquiry. The form automatically fetches product details according to the page.

    Case Study: Finalist of BigCommerce Design Awards 2018 & PSDCenter


    So, PSDCenter delivered the finest BigCommerce design & development services to Koi Computers in the span of two months and delivered an A+ eCommerce Store.

    So, What’s next?

    BigCommerce Design Awards 2018.

    But, Let’s quickly have a look at the testimonial from Koi Computers to PSDCenter – A Certified BigCommerce Partner.

    “PSDCenter provided us the best results in a short period of time. They have the finest BigCommerce Experts in the industry today, and we experienced that for sure. The team at PSDCenter is very responsible and always come up with a better solution in each step.”

    – Founder, Fanny Ho, Koi Computers

    BigCommerce Design Awards 2018 Finalist

    Koi Computers became one of the finalists for having the best eCommerce Design for 2018. Here is what the Judge of BigCommerce Design Awards 2018 – Tom Berno has to say about Koi Computers:

    “A well organized, consistent, and easy to navigate website. While some aspects of visual design seem a bit familiar, the overall aesthetic does seem to be a good fit for its targeted audience.”

    Koi Computers was widely appreciated for its design and other developments by PSDCenter. According to the panel, the design is a perfect fit for their target audience and offers ease to the buyers.

    Results After Store Redesign

    Koi Computers has witnessed a major change in the inquiries after the new store design. Compared to the previous design, the new online store started generating 2X inquires.  Not just on the online inquiries, Koi Computers has seen a drastic shift in the call inquires that was followed by conversion.

    In the end, Koi Computers achieved the goal of generating satisfactory online inquiries after the store modification. Koi Computers & PSDCenter achieved this goal, all thanks to our talented BigCommerce Experts.

    About PSDCenter

    PSDCenter is one of the finest BigCommerce Partners in the industry with more than 10 years of expertise in BigCommerce, Shopify, 3DCart & Lightspeed development. We have our very own eCommerce Theme Store from where businesses can buy the best suited BigCommerce Themes, Shopify Themes, and other add-ons.

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