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    Announcing Lems Shoes Redesign

    Announcing Lems Shoes Redesign

    Andrew Rademacher, Founder, and CEO – propounding “LESS IS MORE”

    100% family owned stupendous business of shoes started with a simple philosophy of “LESS IS MORE”. Lems Shoes is driven by positive reviews of customers. Instead of expanding the range of shoes, the team fabricated sustainable shoes that are flat, flexible and fits the natural shape of the human foot. With no marketing stratagem, they just pivoted on perfect fitting, comfort, and functionality.Perfectly bifurcated shoes for Men and Women with extending varieties.

    This business, in the later years, was revealed in a flawless 3DCart Custom Design by the PSDCenter team. It gave a great difference to their balance sheets at the year end, leaning more towards profit ratios. Gradually, they got few expert comments from PSDCenter team to move to Bigcommerce platform. The requirement for new features to be added shifted the whole site to Bigcommerce stencil development. This gave tremendous results in terms of great page loading speed and increase in conversion ratio which leads them again with significant profits. The whole journey whether in the course of 3DCart Development or the later stage while 3DCart to Bigcommerce Migration, both went on quite smooth. It was like a triangle for satisfaction scoop, wholly shared by PSDCenter, LemShoes team, and their customers.

    Identical Product Categories but differentiate shapes and sizes for both Men and Women.

    Primal 2 – Ultra-minimalist shoes for every day with a wide toebox, natural shape that lets you get the most of your day. This product is inspired by minimalist running shoe design. These shoes are made up of vegan-friendly material that allows your foot to remain flexible. A special selection of colors is available for Men as well as Women. Let your feet get as flexible as the best yoga guru with all new decent colors in Primal 2 section at Lems shoes.

    Boulder Boots are a perfect travel companion. Featherlight shoes weighing roughly around just 9.9 oz with soft and comfy cotton lining and removable insole. You can simply make your hiking experience the best one with Men’s and Women’s Boulder Boots. It is a complete package to move around with and enjoy the campfire!

    Nine2five as the name suggests, they are your best companion to slip in you feet in Nine2five shoes professionally designed for walk away in the office. Men, as well as women, have started getting equalized by working in the corporates. Lems shoes help them in climbing the corporate ladder with style and comfort.

    Mariner does not let you miss the boat…! It has a wide toebox, flexible zero-drop outsole, merely weighing 8.9 oz. It is light in weight since 1.0 mm of their insole is made up of pig leather, 4.0 mm breathable open cell PU Components their top quality and 1.8 mm leather upper. All these makes your bare foot comfortable and lets Men, as well as women, hook around at ease.

    Lemshoes also fine tunes their store with other gears like Toe socks, 3mm casual insoles and 4mm mariner Insoles, Bigfoot Tees, Climber Tees, Correct Toes In-shoe Toe spacer and Boulder boot laces. Which one of them attracts you?

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