Best CSS Award Websites to Submit Your Designs and Get Listed

Be Inspired: Submit your theme designs and get listed

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Everything we design has a unique pattern within. One thing that stands out about effective theme submission is that they do not have anything in common. This dragged me to make a survey on, ‘Which are the Best CSS Websites to submit the creative work by the designers?’. Not only this, what are the criteria that lead to get your design listed. We hope you getting inspired and enthusiastic to apply your design ideas soon.

Here is the list of few of the best websites where you can submit your self-crafted theme design.

CSS Design House

Best CSS Award Websites to Submit Your Designs - CSS Design House

CSS Design House is one of the best CSS websites that grants an opportunity to attract hundreds of hourly unique visitors around the world. They have a collection of popular websites evaluated by their design experts. Submit your theme and get the directory of business to find you. The approval process here might take 24 hours. So be patient and wait for your design to get listed. The best part is that submission process is 100% free, but there is no guarantee for approval as they qualify only high quality websites and agencies. The words from PSDCenter team are considered as the final judgment while selecting the best website.


Best CSS Award Websites to Submit Your Designs - Awwwards

Awwwards has world’s best designers, agencies, and bloggers working in the team today. Renowned professionals evaluate the talent and hardcore efforts by the designers and developers. The selection criteria are fragmented into 4 sections:40% points for Design, 30% points for Creativity, 20% points for Usability and 10% points for Content. Once your design gets approved, it is sent to 12 Jury members. The voting process is followed which might take up to 5 days. The site that receives the highest score will be revealed as SOTD (Site Of The Day)

CSS Design Awards

Best CSS Award Websites to Submit Your Designs - css design awards

CSS Design Awards is International Web Design and Development Awards platform that gives the opportunity to freelance designers, studios, and agencies. They encourage all of them to push their boundaries of Creativity, Functionality, Usability and Content. Approved sites are nominated and awarded a specific score. These scores are further compared with the previous seven days score and scheduled for promotion on next available date. Those sites that win most “Website of the Day” are considered excellent. The one ranking highest will be declared as “Website of the Month”. At the end of 12 months, the 12 winning websites will be evaluated by the International Jury panel, the winner is awarded shiny brackets trophy as Designer of the Year and the runners-up are inspired by Best in Class Award.

CSS Winner

Best CSS Award Websites to Submit Your Designs - css winner

CSS Winner promotes innovative web designers, developers, and agencies. To make the selection criteria transparent 6 designer laureate keeps a close watch during each submission. The websites that compete best with Aesthetics, Appealing Features, Clarity in understanding and Uniqueness gets more votes from the judging panel. Submissions with more than 75% will be titled as “Site of the Day”. Some of the exceptional work will fall under ‘Star’ category, which is next level to nominees.

CSS Awards

Best CSS Award Websites to Submit Your Designs - css awards

CSS Awards is a web designer agency with an inspiring gallery where a high quality of CSS websites are placed from around the world. They certify the best web design with ‘Site of the Day’, ‘Site of the Month’, and ‘Site of the Year’ certificate. Design approval criteria of all websites are different. Once you are ready with your design, checkout which benchmark did you meet and choose the best website to showcase your work. For CSS Awards you can submit your sites here.

Speak out loud along with us – “What I have designed is AMAZING ”. Let’s share the creativity and browse the best gallery to know we have won the award or not. Find out which website carries positive value.

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