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    XM-radio-satellite.com announces the launch of their new website

    Matt Moffett, the CEO of Satellite Radio Superstore, a national retailer for SiriusXM Radio, announced the launch of their newly redesigned website, XM-radio-satellite.com on 8th December 2016. Satellite Radio Superstore offers a large selection of Satellite Radio products including Satellite Radio Antennas and SiriusXM accessories.

    Whether you are listening to Satellite Radio in your Car, Truck/RV, Motorcycle, UTV, home or office, Satellite Radio Superstore has you covered. SiriusXM radio lets you simply and easily enjoy soothing music, entertainment, sports, and specialty channels wherever you go.


    The  PSDCenter team crafted a unique Bigcommerce Custom Store Design for the Satellite Radio Superstore brand. The design, theme development, and implementation of the new website took only 9 weeks and with the customer experiencing tremendous outcome with the new store. PSDCenter promises great results with the advanced Bigcommerce template. They assure that the customers will love the store in the future too and will have a great user experience without any hassle.

    Some noticeable new features in the new website design include:

    1. Live chat Implementing a seamless integration with Live Chat has increased the customer interaction with customers service representatives and lowered the number of support calls. Customers are getting their questions answered quickly and able to have the information they need prior to making a purchase.
    2. Kudobuzz reviews To help increase product reviews and business reviews the new site design incorporated an integration with Kudobuzz review software. This allows customers to generate more reliable reviews and opinions about their product purchase. We also implemented the Rich Snippet feature of Kudobuzz for increase Search Engine Optimization.
    3. Sticky Header  This concept is still new to e-commerce website but is quickly becoming the standard. By designing a sticky header allows the customer to easily navigate the website and quickly jump to another product or accessory with just one click.
    4. Mega Menu Combined with the sticky header the mega menu gives the user a quick and simple way to see all of the subcategories of the website without clicking far into the website. Less wasted clicks means more sales for Satellite Radio Superstore.
    5. Advance search With advanced search filters Satellite Radio Superstore is able to give shoppers a very focused shopping experience. Customers can specify their requirements by selecting a specific brand, receiver, special features, connection type, and more. By using these advanced filters users will are able to filter the exact products they want and make a quick purchase decision.

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