BigCommerce Pricelist manager (import/export)

BigCommerce offers a feature for Price Lists, where you can set up different product prices for various customer groups. Customer Group is sorted buyers based on their buying behavior, purchase history, customer age with your store, individual sales, etc. Merchants use this feature to offer discounts to certain customer groups. You can learn more about price lists from the link below:

Now, PSDCenter has developed a separate interface where merchants can export and import multiple price lists. BigCommerce is already allowing merchants to showcase different prices according to customer groups. With PSDCenter’s Custom BigCommerce App, you can perform this function in bulk. With simple import and Export of CSV file, you can showcase the pricing of all your products and their variants as per your need.

  • Import/export price list
  • Apply different price rule to each product variant SKU.
  • Here you can update Discount, New Price, New Sale Price, New MSRP, etc.

BigCommerce Bulk Coupon code import / export App

Here you’ll have a separate admin interface where you can log in and manage your store’s coupon code.

In this app, you’ll get below features that save your time to manage coupon code from the BigCommerce admin.

  • Export coupon codes
  • Remove coupon codes
  • Remove selected
  • Search / filter
  • Edit single coupon code

So basically you don’t need to go into the BigCommerce admin to manage any coupon code for your store.

WordPress to BigCommerce Blog Migration (One Time Process)

Here we can help you with the migrate your All WordPress Blog posts into the BigCommerce, this is the one time process.

In this migration process all images, internal content links, published date remain same as the WordPress blog. We’ll also provide you the list of old and new URLs so you can set 301 redirections if required.

BigCommerce Bulk Custom field Manager (Import/Export tools)

Here you’ll have a separate admin interface where you can log in and export and import your all products custom fields in single CSV file. you can edit the same CSV file and upload it again from the same admin to get it updated into the BigCommerce store.

  • Support up to 20000 products
  • Support unlimited custom fields
  • No limit to use
  • Fast and accurate process

BigCommerce Real time inventory tracking and inventory sync

We can build and App that connect your BigCommerce store with your third party app or server to sync inventory or track the real time inventory.

This is the Custom BigCommerce API base solution that’ll sync your products inventory from the third party server or system using APIs, where we can sync the inventory depending on the requirement and best possiblity, Synchronization can be real time, once a day(daily), twice a day or hourly.