Zen Cart VS OpenCart – Which one is better?

At PSD Center we get asked the question a lot what platform is better for ecommerce when it comes to Zen Cart VS OpenCart.  We say hands down OpenCart is a better platform to use and here are just some of the reasons below.

Here are some reasons why we do not enjoy Zen Cart.

1) Outdated platform with limited support
2) Non Friendly URL’s for SEO – Now they do have extensions and tutorials on how to make the URL’s SEO friendly but it is not that easy like OpenCart
3) Most templates are  built with old table based layouts
4) Shrinking community upgrading the platform and providing support through forums
5) Lack of new innovative plugins

Why OpenCart is highly recommended.

1) High Quality Free Templates
2) SEO Ready
3) Great plugins to make your store more social
4) Easy to use admin panel
5) Very easy for programmers to customize the platform

OpenCart is definitely a great platform right now and we see it being a powerhouse in the future.  If you are going to design an ecommerce store do it for OpenCart!  If you need any help with the PSD to OpenCart conversion you can give us a call!

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