Top 5 colors that will make a killer logo design

5 colors will create a killer logo design

When it comes to logo design, there’s more than simply picking an image or a font; the color scheme you select is also of critical importance. Different colors have different connotations and emotions that they are associated with, and these feelings in turn can carry over to both your logo and your brand as a whole.

In order to help you better understand which colors might be best for your own individual logo design needs, we’ve put together this quick article listing the top five colors for distinctive, effective, and cool logos.

Red –  This color is perhaps one of the most impact. Red is the color of passion and romance, as well as excitement. It is also the color of anger, however, so be careful about overusing it or making it the most dominant color in your logo design.

Blue – At the opposite end of the color spectrum from red, blue is a calmer color. It indicates serenity and maturity and is generally speaking a more relaxing and soothing color in comparison to red (and even yellow and orange). Blue is usually considered a more serious color and as such it is a preferred choice when it comes to companies that want to project a trustworthy and dependable image.

Yellow – This color is one of the brightest options and is typically the go-to choice if you’re trying to depict friendliness and cheerfulness. As far as logo design is concerned, yellow can sometimes be a bit overwhelming if there is an overabundance of it present in your design, but otherwise it can be very effective for injecting a bit of brightness into your logo.

Orange – This vivid color is a popular choice if your goal is to be distinctive and stand out from the crowd. Bright and vibrant, orange is used less frequently than both yellow and red (which are also very bright colors) but still carries that same feeling of exuberant energy. Orange is also commonly used for its association with the warmth of both summer and autumn, making it a popular color choice for companies that produce goods related to those seasons.

Green – This color is used with less frequency than some of the others we’ve discussed, but even so it has a wide range of versatility when it comes to logo design. Green can be used to represent natural things, like plants and wildlife, making it a good choice for a company logo representing a garden store or a gardening service. Green can also be used to represent financial businesses, on account of its association with money (which, in America at least, is colored green).

The colors we’ve gone over here are not, of course, your only options. In addition to these, you can also use pink, purple, brown, black, white, gray, or any other colors in your logo if that is what you desire. Simply do your best to bear in mind the fact that every color has a different impact on people and you should have no problem whatsoever in creating a logo that will be distinctive and effective.


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