Top 10 WordPress Plugins That Every Webmaster Should Use

Top 10 WordPress Plugins That Every Webmaster Should Use

56,363 plugins and still more to come!

WordPress has beaten all content management system providers by offering a large range of plugins to webmasters. Since its invention in 2003, it is striving to provide the best user experience. Recent survey report of WordPress has also proved it.

According to a recent survey, approximately 32% of people are running their household expenditures just by working on WordPress. Moreover, WordPress plugins receive more than 100 million downloads.


WordPress plugins add additional functionally to your WordPress website making it greater than before. A wide range of plugins has made people a victim of choice paralysis. It becomes difficult for the people to figure out the best plugin from the rest of the plugins.

However, every website needs different plugins based on its requirements. But there are some plugins that work for all kind of websites. In this article, we will discuss ten amazing plugins that work on all niches websites. These include plugins for security, website speed, the design of the site, optimization plugins and many more!

Moreover, for a single task, there are thousands and thousands of plugins available. Thus making it more convenient for webmasters to choose the plugin according to its requirements.

All these plugins assist the webmaster in running and maintaining a website. Webmasters don’t have to write long paragraphs of code, they can perform any function just by a single click. Install the desired plugin and make your task easier.

Moreover, there are thousands and thousands of free plugins in the WordPress plugin directory. So, if you are tight of budget and cannot purchase a plugin. Don’t worry. Chose a free plugin and perform your task.

Let’s have a look at the top 10 plugins that every webmaster must use on their website to make it more optimized, secure, attractive and responsive. Ultimately all these factors will bring more visitors to your website than before.

Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Webmasters

Every website has its own requirements, due to which every website need different plugins. But there are some plugins that are perfect for all kinds of websites. Let’s have a quick glance at these 10 amazing plugins.

Here we go!

1. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is the most popular plugin for webmasters and SEO experts. Using this amazing plugin, you can optimize your website with just a few clicks.

Optimizing your site for ranking on search engines is not an easy task. It requires some important elements to be covered. But this WordPress plugin has made such hard task easier. Using this plugin, you can select a keyword and optimize your title, meta tags, and heading tags.

Moreover, it also shows your optimization score in three categories. Red being the worst, orange display the digestible state whereas green color represents the fully optimized page.

2. JetPack Plugin

Powerful plugin, JetPack is a complete package for webmasters. Its total downloads are increasing rapidly over the past few years. It provides a number of features to webmasters that assist them in running a smooth website.

JetPack Plugin provides the facility to design your website in an attractive manner. Moreover, through this plugin, you can track statistics, improve social sharing, prevent attacks and can take daily backups.

3. WP Super Cache

Waiting is the most difficult task.

Users hate to wait long for the web content to load. And they never visit the website again if it does not load under 3 seconds.

To avoid losing your online customers, WordPress has presented WP super cache plugin. It creates and save static pages of your website and loads them instead of loading full PHP scripts.

4. Everest Forms

Doesn’t matter what type of business you are running, either it’s a small business or large, you need a way to build a relationship with your customers. The contact form is the basic requirement of every website.

Everest forms plugin comes with drag and drops feature. Using Everest Forms, you can build an amazing contact form on your website.

5. User Registration

Registering a user is another important task on a website. Although all websites do not require the registration process. Still, it is an important factor to discuss.

Through User Registration plugin, webmasters can easily build an attractive registration form. Moreover, it provides a separate panel for checking the details of users making it easy for the webmasters to handle the user details.

6. XML Sitemap

The most powerful and popular WordPress plugin, XML Sitemap. it creates an automatic sitemap for your website that helps in indexing of the website. Moreover, it provides a complete structure of your website to the search engines making it easy to crawl and index.

7. Nivo Slider

Another amazing and top WordPress plugin with more than 3,000,000 downloads. Nivo Slider is a popular plugin for creating a slideshow.

Nowadays every web owner wants to have a slider displaying multiple brand images. Nivo Slider is there for all the web owners who want to showcase their products in a unique and attractive way.

8. WP Smush

Images take more space for storage and take more time to load. But a website without images is not attractive. Images make the website unique and attractive.

To use a large number of images without increasing the load time, WordPress developers present an image optimization plugin. WP Smush is free and easy to use image optimization plugin for all types of websites.

9. Page Builder

WordPress provides a simple and basic page style. But WordPress plugin, Elementor Page Builder allows the webmasters to design a web page by making sections, modules, and widgets.

Moreover, it provides two different types of page builders, one for front-end designing and one for the backend. You can use it according to your requirements.

10: Table Press

Table Press is one of the most used WordPress plugins. In fact, it is one of my favorite plugin that I have used a number of times. Recently, I used this plugin in a WordPress site that provides the best crossbow reviews.

Using this plugin, you can insert attractive tables in pages, post, and footer and anywhere on the website.

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