Tips For A Successful Online Press Release

Distributing a compelling press release is one of the most effective ways of telling your story to the world. And even though PR distribution is an old marketing strategy, it continues to be the best way to promote your business. With a compelling press release and a strategic distribution campaign, your company can get the visibility it needs to boost your sales in unimaginable ways. But that is always easier said than done. In truth, writing a press release and coming up with a distribution process that can work the most challenging thing. However, there are simple and easy steps to ensure a successful online press release newswire campaign. We’ve gathered these proven and tested tips from PR experts to help you have a successful press release.

Keep it short

No matter what you do, create a press release that is short but sweet. We mean, go straight to the essential facts and don’t dilly-dally. Journalists and bloggers don’t really need a 3-page spread about what you have to say. Don’t waste anyone’s time. And don’t take the futile effort to write a long news copy when you really don’t need to.

Make a statement but leave them wanting for more

Also, the beauty of a short press release is it can leave your readers wanting more. The most compelling news release makes a statement that makes a journalist go, “okay, I want this story” but still mysterious enough to warrant a follow-up. Wrap up your news copy with a great statement to attract – and hold attention.

Leave the jargon in the workplace

Phrases that only people in your industry are familiar about should be left out of your press release. Why? Because there’s a pretty high chance that the average person doesn’t understand them. Most of your readers online will not be able to understand the jargon. Not only does it make your news copy harder to read, but it also makes it totally not relating. And if you want your press release to reach a large number of people, you better make sure they will get what you are trying to say.

Try to be different

No one wants the same old thing. Journalists and key influencers will likely not pick up a story that has been told a million times before. But don’t be discouraged if your press release is about a new product or something other businesses have said as well. Just get a new perspective. Take another angle, diversify, try to make it viral. Even if it might not be groundbreaking, if your press release is useful and relevant, it’s still newsworthy. Just try to wrap it in a different package, that’s all.

It’s all about timing

Yes, this coined phrase also applies to press release. Journalists and bloggers get a hundred emails per day. Dozens of press releases are sent to news desks. And they usually arrive at the same time. Be it early in the morning or just after. The tip is to deliver your press release during a lull time when it can get on top of the pile and not buried under it.

Add a quote

This tip sounds simple, and you’ve probably heard it before. But a lot of people who write their press release make the mistake of adding quotes to provide additional information. Don’t make the same error. Adding a great quote should serve one purpose – to give an insight to your readers. A quote from an industry expert or someone respected in your industry can add an insider’s point of view that will make journalists say, “okay, this is actually credible and more newsworthy.” Adding a great quote can also provide a human factor in your story, making it more relatable to your audience.

Go pro

Here’s the hard truth. You know the most successful press release campaign stories you’ve heard? Well, more likely than not, those news copies were made by professionals. These are writers who actually have degrees in marketing or are former journalists themselves. These are writers who know what they’re doing. And if you really want your company to have a compelling press release that attracts nationwide or even global attention, you might want to consider hiring a professional to write it for you.

Don’t forget to include a Call-to-Action (CTA)

A good call-to-action is something that you should always include at the end of your press release. It’s a great way to wrap up your story because it incites action from your readers to follow up more on what you just said. For example, if your press release is about a new product your company is launching, you can include a CTA that encourages your reader for a free trial or a product sample. And even if a user doesn’t end up buying the product, the hyperlink can still lead to traffic towards your website. It’s a win-win strategy.

Add images or videos

The great thing about an online press release is that can give you the option to add images or videos to add more information or make your release more pleasing to the human eye. Adding one or two relevant images can make your news copy more attractive. And if you want, images like infographics are an excellent way to relay extensive data in bitesize. Infographics are also easier to read, and they look better than text.

Create a winner headline

Your headline is possibly the most crucial aspect of your press release. It is the first thing that journalists will read. It can make someone want to read your story. Your headline sets the tone of how your story will be told and read. All of this in a few characters. No pressure, right? But a winner headline isn’t really that hard to make. If your press release is newsworthy, creating a great headline shouldn’t be a problem.


An online press release can give your company not only online visibility and brand awareness, but consistently sending out news copies is also an excellent way to build relationships and keep connectivity with your customer base. It’s one of the strategy you should always have under your marketing belt. With the tips above, you can ensure that all your company’s future press release campaigns will be productive and successful.

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