Best Places to find OpenCart Themes & Extensions

Are you guys using the OpenCart platform but the Open Source platform is just missing a couple of extra extensions which would really help your eCommerce store business?  We wanted to share with you guys are couple of places we always refer our clients where they can find certain plugins that they are interested in integrating into their website.


Maybe your extensions are fine but you want some templates?  Well there are many free/cheap templates out there as well. If you have a PSD that needs to be converted you can use us but for templates check out the resources below.


These are great places to get all of your OpenCart needs.  Please share this information with your friends!  This can be very beneficial and save people a lot of money.

If you guys need someone to install your OpenCart Theme and Template feel free to reach out to us also.  We can do OpenCart Theme installation on your server with theme for $95!

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  • Qphoria

    Great resource for OpenCart 🙂 It amazes me how fast OpenCart has grown. Watching other carts come and go and veteran carts starting to show their age while OpenCart keeps blazing the trail to the top.

    • John

      Yes I totally agree. OpenCart is an awesome Open Source platform. We love putting our clients on this platform. This is a great list of plugins and templates people can use!

  • Justine Smithies

    We have just released a new Forum Extension which we think beats all the other Forum Extensions by far.

    It can be found at