Best free live chat support for your website with SnapEngage

Online chat support is great for your business. Here at PSDCenter we have started with SnapEngage . Honestly it is one of the best things we could have done to start engaging with our potential clients.

If you know you have a stellar business/product and want to give your users the opportunity to converse with you to show your true professionalism then SnapEngage is the way to go.

Here are some features why Snap Engage is awesome

Proactive Chat Feature

Proactive Chat

This is one of the best features of this chat program. If you have a rep online you can set how many seconds until a message slides onto the screen giving them a welcome message with a chat field. If you are selling a product and user is on the website most likely they will engage in a chat.

While the chat is happening try to build a relationship with the potential client to see how you can cater their needs and follow up, follow up, follow up!

Logs chat sessions

So after the chat was completed all this information is stored in your admin section. If you ever have to review what you said to the potential client then this will come really handy. This way during your follow up you can reference back the chat session so you can show your potential client your true professionalism that they are not just a number but a valuable client.

Connects With Your G-Chat or Other Chats You Use!

This makes it super easy.  Connect it to your g-chat, skype, or whatever else you use.  This makes communication on your side very easy.  You do not have to change a thing.  Just drop the code on your website and you are now live.

SnapEngage has different plans. They have a free plan which is not bad for very small businesses. As your business grows you can increase your plan.  Free plans give you 30 chats a month.  It is not heavily advertised on the website about the free plan but you can see it under pricing if you look for the small tab.

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