Innovative Business Logo Trends 2018

The coming year brings new trends in logos for companies that want to shape their brand. The preferences in this area are constantly changing and there is no unstoppable method for deciding which styles to adopt or ignore. Fortunately, there is no need to run after all the modes in terms of logos to stay up to date. Branding is about building a unique story that tells the story of your business’s mission and values.

Trends are not arbitrary, the fundamental principles of design do not change; the trends of logos are therefore necessarily based on the past. Designers add little original touches and mix styles to create current logos.

Get inspired from these Business Logo Trends For 2018 To Create a Logo of your own.

Letter Spacing

The minimalist trend is in full swing, the simple design logos need this little extra that makes all the difference. Instead of pressing the letters against each other, space them to let the brand name speak. The choice of large fonts and large spaces is more and more common among companies with short names or without logo blocks. Combined with other subtle touches or an interesting font, the use of widely spaced letters creates a bold, modern style.

Rainbow And Color Gradients

When Instagram revealed its rainbow logo, the negative spirits quickly screamed at the failure. However, the smart designers quickly seized the idea. The multicolored and the gradients immediately give dimension and brighten the nice logos. Both styles are very effective with highly saturated colors, ideal for young and playful brands.

If you’re not afraid of bright colors, enjoy the versatility of rainbow logos. They are straightforward to update simply because the logo block or perhaps logotype is frequently very easy or maybe simple.  Just as color trends progress, you could actually make some subtle modifications without compromising brand recognition. In the future, combine rainbows and gradients with abstract, geometric shapes to break or superimpose colors.

Cuttings And Breaks Of Letters

The main logo trends for 2018 are based on a new conception of minimalism. Is there a way to give more flavors to a simple design than to play on perception? The division and fragmentation of letters are smart processes. Although we can eliminate parts of words or letters, our brain automatically fills the void.

Experiment by adding small breaks that do not interfere with the readability of the text, for a unique style, cut corners or sides of a few letters from your wordmark. Simply retouching one or two letters can make your initials look unexpected.

No Frills Geometry

Geometric logos have reigned over the design world for years. So where is the novelty? Their design is more and barer. Minimalism has a lot of fans and novice designers appreciate how easy it is to quickly build a portfolio of clean works. Not to mention the fact that the use of simple geometric shapes is considered daring and current. Prepare for a wave of ultra-simplified forms in the future.

Color Attenuation

Any action causes an opposite reaction, even in terms of design. While some designers cherish bright shades, there are others that accentuate and garish colors horrify. From a creative point of view, many companies are fleeing bright colors in favor of softer shades. The growing interest in eco-responsible and natural commerce also explains the craze for earth colors.

If bright colors are not your thing, choose soft shades of white or light gray. Choose coral and pink with magenta and opaline green or jade green with emerald green or neon green.

Lastly, Studying trends in business logos at DesignFreeLogoOnline can speed up your brainstorming process to create your business logo online. Trends help you see what Business logo styles to avoid at all costs avoiding creating an outdated logo. At the same time, trust your instinct. Staying ahead of trends is just as important as meeting them. When you have an idea of how to distinguish your brand, make the right choices to convey its story.

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