Get Your Design or PSD on Ebay Auctions

Ebay is such a powerful tool when it comes to selling. PSD Center can help you build your auction the way you want it make it easier for you to sell.

Our team has implemented ebay auctions with javascript buttons, pop up boxes, ect. You really need to know how to code the javascript because Ebay does not allow you to pull javascript source files in your code. Everything has to be built on the page.

Couple Important tips if you are going to build a template yourself.

All images have to pull from an outside source

Ebay does this so they do not have to keep so much space on their servers. Imagine if everybody built templates with ten to twenty images directly on eBay’s server. It would really take up a lot of space.

Also they charge per image that you upload. This defeats the purpose of trying to charge you if you can just easy upload them to eBay’s server below.

Javascript cannot pull external sources

This is a security issue for eBay. Let’s face it they do not want any funny business. They want their website to be 100% sercure and if you are able to import all different types of on page JavaScript’s you could easily start manipulating the page and making eBay lose their credibility.

Some Cool Features You Can Now Include In Your Design For Your Ebay Auction!

Fancy Box Pop Up Windows

You can use these to display your images. This will Create thumbnail gallery and when people click on it the images pop up.

Jquery Tabs

Rather than someone having to scroll down and down to get all the information about your product you can make it easier for your user to stay at the top of the page.

If you guys want to convert your PSD to Ebay auction ro store then contact us today at PSD Center. This is definitely not an easy job if you are trying to incorporate javascript and cool effects and this is why you can use us to build this out!

We turn these projects around in 5 business days. We can tell you what is or is not possible in your designs educating you. Leave the coding to us and continue your selling online at eBay!

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