Find Different Fonts at Google Web Fonts

Google has decided to create their own font face directory that designers and developers can use for all their projects. Honestly we love their user interface. Now we only have to wait on more and more fonts to enter into their directory.

A couple reasons why we love using Google Web Fonts

  • Easy to find a font style

All you have to is search on the left sidebar by thickness, script, category and your fonts will populate in the middle.

  • Easy To Use

All you have to is click on the font that you want. Click the “add to collection” button. You can save your favorite fonts to your collection for future projects and use.

  • Paste the code they supply you

If you are a beginner web developer never used @facefont or google web fonts then adding the code is super simple.

I think the reason why google web fonts is really awesome because google is becoming a one stop shop for everything. Check your email, keep your stock photos, and now pick your favorite fonts. This all saves time in the end and this is what we love as developers.

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