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Our first post on our blog we want to tell you a little bit about ourselves. We are not just coders but we are graphic designers, seo experts, and ultimately human beings. Every conversion that comes out of PSD Center we understand that there is a business on the other side that wants to be prosperous.

Our first point of topic is that we make sure that all psd to html conversions that we complete are marked up with the highest level of SEO markup. Organic results can help a business from struggling at the beginning to getting a steady flow of leads to help grow your business.

You have to understand that using us a conversion company will not ensure top rankings, but it is a sprinkle of optimization that can rank you higher above the competition.

Here are the main points of SEO Markup that we guarantee with every SEO Marked Up conversion.

Quick Compiling Codes

When ranking a website search engines look how user friendly your website is. If your website takes a long time to load then this can hurt your rankings. Search engines do not want to show listings in their top ten that will have a poor user experience. If they keep showing poor quality websites over and over again then eventually you will stop using that search engine and try a new one. This is why Google has over 60% of the market share to date.

Alt Tags on All Images

Alt Tag Examples

It is important to label all Alt tags with descriptive words describing the image. Search engines cannot tell what the image is, so supplying all images with relevant alt tags makes the search engines know exactly what is being displayed on your website. Yes people can mislead alt tags, but if you get caught by search engines then you will get penalized and will have to start all over.

Proper Tags In The Content

html tags for SEO

Search engines give different weight to different titles on the page. It is important to use proper tags in your content when it comes to the title of the page and more. Using h1,h2,h3, and p tags gives your website structure so the search engines know exactly what is important and what the general idea of the webpage that is being displayed.

After this it is all up to you. Here at PSD Center we can provide you with the proper structure to be successful. The next part will be up to you with proper Title Tags and optimized content. Every little bit helps when it comes to optimizing code for search engines. This is why you should try us out. We are here to build your website the structure needed so you can be successful!

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