Gulp… For Easy Code Digestion

The idea behind object oriented programming was to introduce a coding methodology that could help in running the code in modules by dividing the execution paths. The basic difference between structured and modular code is that much of your code does not have to be initialized which can save system….... Continue Reading

Design: To Blog Or Not To Blog

I do not know what the market perspective on blogging is and I do not know what that even means. Since when did blogging required an internet referendum on whether it should continue or not. So imagine my surprise when I hear a few marketers talking about why blogging might….... Continue Reading

Custom Design and Why it Matters

It’s a niched market if you investigate the website designing industry. There is an influx of professionals offering their services for giving you the best in web design and understandably that has restricted the market in a few varieties. I came across a professional who was good with working with….... Continue Reading

Top Alternatives for Your Magento Go Store

Magento Go stores are closing down and there are many options that you can use when deciding on a new platform.  Analyzing the pros & cons of each will help you determine which is the best fit for you.  You probably have custom integrations on your Magento Go store.  These….... Continue Reading

Top 3 social media plugins for your blog

There is no debate over the fact that the existence of your blog will be totally dreadful without the use of necessary plugins, especially social media plugins. Social media buttons to share contents on websites have become inevitable. I don’t think there are, in fact, any such sites where the….... Continue Reading