Best Marketing Strategies Using Customer Reviews

customer reviews for marketing Positive customer reviews are golden. If you get enough of them, you can fire half of your marketing team. Jokes aside, numerous e-commerce businesses focus on getting customer reviews more than on SEO and other marketing strategies. The reason is that word-of-the-mouth marketing is still alive, especially in e-commerce. We’ve….... Continue Reading

How Brands Can Protect Their Reputation Against Negative Reviews?

How-brands-can-protect-their-reputation-against-negative-reviews Dealing with bad reviews is easy as long as you control the conversation. While you can’t undo the damage, you can always offer to make the situation right, and showcase your excellent customer service skills to lure more prospects. As the world is becoming increasingly virtual and people have more….... Continue Reading

Whiteboard Animation Brings New Life to Marketing Endeavors

Marketing is constantly changing to meet the specific audiences that consumers wish to sell products to. There are times when your current advertising strategies become less effective. Many people begin to spend money on various types of advertising at this point. It is more efficient, however, to do some research….... Continue Reading