Best Tool For Taking Screenshots

If you are a web developer or working with a team of developers then taking screenshots is very important for web design. When doing projects on our side we love using jing. Jing is a desktop application that you can download free! Who does not love free tools for screenshots!

1. Download Jing for screen shots.

First you need to download Jing. You can go here for a free download.

As you can see below you will get this little sun icon. You can move this anywhere you want. Just click on the top + button and you can capture your screen.

2. Hit The Capture Button

After you capture your screen you can use these tools to point out certain parts of your website and write notes for your team to work on stuff.

3. Use Tools to Write on Screenshot

4. Hit the save button and it is on your local computer.

That simple. Send the information out to your team and you are good to go! Jing is an awesome free tool for capturing screenshots. A must have for all developers and project managers!

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