Awesome Facebook Plugins for Your Joomla Website

Social is huge there is no denying that. We tell all clients that we work with that if you are building a website you should really think about making your website easily integrated with social networks.  Joomla has some great extensions that you can add to your website which makes it easy for you to go social!

Facebook FanBox

If you do not have this extension or an easy way for people to connect with you on facebook  then I suggest you add this one.  Super easy and has some awesome functions!

The Fan Box lets users:

– See how many users are already fans/like

– Read recent posts from the Page

– Let visitors become a fan with 1-click

Before you add a Fan Box to your website, you need the following:

– A Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 or 2.5 website,

– Ability to install modules

– A Facebook Page that promotes your website

Check Out Facebook FanBox

JFB Connect For Joomla

This is also another plugin with even more functionality.  This includes other social networks like twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn Share.  This plugin is very powerful so check out all the features that it has.

Easy Facebook Single-Sign-On Solution

One-click Facebook login to over 500+ million users! Let Facebook users register and log into your site with their Facebook credentials.

Automatic Comments, Likes & Social Buttons

Enable Facebook Comments and Likes on any section, category, or article automatically with an email notification on new comments or Facebook Likes.  This is a super powerful feature!

Also includes Twitter Share, LinkedIn Share, and Google +1 buttons for content!  So you can get all the power to all social media outlets.

Open Graph Integration

Describe your page to Facebook when mentioned in a user’s Facebook wall. Specify default title, description, and image for your whole site and each page.

Facebook Page Tab & Facebook Canvas Integration

Show your site in your Facebook Page Tab or in a larger Facebook Canvas view. Easily set a different template on Facebook and even use a “Reveal Page” to get more Likes:

Facebook Requests

Create and send requests to all of your Facebook users. Or, add the Facebook Requests modules to let your visitors invite their friends!

Much much more.  So check out this plugin and get this on your Joomla website today!

Check Out JFB Connect

If you need any of these added to your website you can get in touch with us.  We would be more than happy to help.  If you are interested in a psd to joomla conversion you can go to our order form today!

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