Awesome Designs By Awesome Companies

We love to find designs that are amazing and awesome.  We looked over the web and found some really cool companies.  Check them out and use them as inspirations for your own designs.  As designers ourselves we truly understand the work and effort it took to make these designs happen and we really commend this!

Pals is a fast food burger heaven in the Tennessee/Virginia area.  This is a little bit far from Charlotte, NC for a day trip but will visit when we go to Tennessee.  Awesome interactive website.

Zurvin is a company located in Peru.  They specialize in development and design.  Nice website!

Welogix specializing in HTML5 and new trending technologies.  Very sleek design!

Graphic designer and front end developer.  His showcase is really awesome.  If you are looking for a nice designer with some more interactivity you should check out Luke!

Sick Designer, The domain name says it all.  If you are looking for a very unique “Sick” design you should check Radu Chelariu’s work.  Really awesome HTML5 work!

Mypolygon is a small team with great ideas.  Another development company that can help you build your creative web design.

Lassonde School of Engineering is a place where entrepreneurs can learn to think outside of the box.  Another great interactive website.


Please take the time to check out these websites above!

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