Minimalism: More Stories to follow

“Less is more, less is more”; it all sounds too familiar today. As I type this out, web designers are furious scrolling through Google and gobbling enough tutorials on simplistic web designs, flat designs and basically anything which sits well with the new Apple wave sweeping across the forums. Any….... Continue Reading

PSD to MailChimp & Design Integration

Are you looking to start a MailChimp campaign? After you sign up for MailChimp you need to setup your email template design.  If you have a PSD Design we can integrate it into MailChimp.  There are other options as well.  It all depends on what stage you are at. Here are….... Continue Reading

How to Build a Website for a Nonprofit Business

Yesterday we spoke about how you can easily start an e-commerce store working with us at PSDCenter. Today we want to talk about building a website for your nonprofit organization. You need to build your website on a robust platform that incorporates a lot of functionality needed to make your nonprofit….... Continue Reading